The Floral Clocks

The Floral Clocks

Tour Information
Floral Clocks present Here Come The Songs! Live at the 13th Floor Symonds Court.

Gabriel White and Richard von Sturmer’s acclaimed musical collective reunite in new ensemble formation for a limited season across the weekend of 7, 8, 9 June.

Gabriel White (guitar & vocals) will be joined by Robert Sly (piano) and Rebecca Hendl-Smith (cello) to reinterpret and reinvent songs from The Floral Clocks ever-expanding catalogue.

Spanning satirical to the darkly surreal, those who caught their last outing – Strange Ancestors at Q-Theatre (2022) will appreciate the poignancy of their songwriting and their evocative live performance style.

The Floral Clocks - Here Come The Songs! Live at the 13th Floor - brings audiences and musicians together again for an intimate evening of lyrical storytelling.

“Our minds have been insidiously and deliciously blown tonight…” - William Dart

“Quiet Genius…” - Eve de Castro-Robinson