Ventura Black And Gibson XCVIII

Ventura Black And Gibson XCVIII

Tour Information
“Join Ventura Black & GIBSON XCVIII as they celebrate Pop music in Aotearoa for NZ Music Month through catchy hooks, infectious melodies and driving kick drums at Ponsonby Social Clubs accompanied by special guest opener Sophie Gibson, this is an electric show not to be missed!”

Ventura Black;

“Ventura Black tells stories through lyrical & musical escapism, focused through a lens of cinematic expression & delivered within an array of various internationally inspired soundscapes and textures. 2022 was his breakthrough year for releasing music, with the debut single Next To Me, capturing a scene by scene play of a perfect first date set in the streets of Paris. Followed by Caroline, a prequel to Next To Me, about laying eyes on someone for the first time. You can expect many more stories to stem from his upcoming E.P, The Tango Of Hearts, set to be released in mid to late 2024.”

Gibson XCVIII;

“GIBSON XCVIII was formed out of a desire to make easy-listening music for all walks of life. They captivate their followers with their catchy hooks, eloquent guitar riffs and alluring live sound. Coming back to Auckland for round 2 and a new single slated for release in music month , these boys are not to be missed.”

Sophie Gibson;

“Sophie Gibson is an Auckland based singer/songwriter who breathes raw emotion into every note she sings. She possesses an incredible voice that melts the heart and uplifts the soul.”