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Cave In Aotearoa Tour 2024

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Formed in 1995 in Massachusetts by singer/guitarist Stephen Brodsky, CAVE IN was ahead of its time from the very beginning, helping to define the then-primitive metalcore genre with a more creatively elevated slant on their 1998 debut album Until Your Heart Stops. Not content to remain pigeonholed, the band veered into more accessible psychedelic ‘space rock’ sounds on subsequent releases before a brief hiatus in the mid 2000s.

After the tragic death of bassist/vocalist Caleb Schofield in 2018, Converge bassist Nate Newton picked up his friend’s instrument and the band was able to continue on its legacy, resulting in their seventh album - 2022’s Heavy Pendulum (Relapse Records) - a culmination of all the sounds the band had explored throughout their tenure and then some, with universal praise labeling it everything from sludge metal to post-grunge and even thrash.

Cave In Aotearoa Tour 2024
Wed 12 June - Valhalla, Wellington
Thu 13 June - Whammy, Auckland

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Valhalla, Wellington Wed, Jun 12 Buy
Whammy Bar, Auckland Thu, Jun 13 Buy