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To celebrate the release of their debut EP, Napoleon Baby will be playing shows around NZ in June 2024. The alt-rock band will be joined by Scran and Fools Lagoon

Napoleon Baby write with an angular perspective on life. The trio, borne two thirds from England, a third from New Zealand, have been working hard at brewing a heady concoction of anthems, that speak to the injustices, irritations and painful daily observations of life.
Authenticity, that current buzzword being thrown about with liberal abandon, actually lands with Napoleon Baby, whose current crop of songs hit squarely at the haves and have nots in current society, without pandering to either, rather offering a snapshot of social commentary that lets you know that people’s cards are being marked, and by questioning the current status quo, is a statement of liberation, a pronouncement of the national consciousness of a people that are hurting.

Post-punk band SCRAN recently released their debut album, 'To Your Heart's Content' and have been impressive on the live circuit with their high energy shows.

Fools Lagoon are performing and recording human music for movers & shakers. Proudly representing four corners of Te Ika-a-Maui and beyond from their base in Auckland, FL packages their indelible new/old school sound with a lick of zilennial nostalgia - something somewhere in between Generation Millennial and Generation Z. They build from the storied kiwi indie scene, injecting elements of funk, dance and rock from decades been and gone to cut their own groove in Aotearoa’s musical record

Napoleon Baby are also set to play shows in

Raglan - The Yard - June 8th
Hamilton - Last Place - June 21st

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