Odessa, FĒI LÍN,  Myshelle

Odessa, FĒI LÍN, Myshelle

Tour Information
Women About Sound presents an intimate night of music with:

Odessa: Odessa’s sound is a blend of upbeat alternative pop and that song Pure Imagination, the Fiona Apple version. You can expect drums, bass, two guitars and vocals, oh, and a good time.

FĒI LÍN: folk n jazz entwine from the canopy of a day dream

Myshelle: is a Taiwanese/English multi-instrumentalist who draws inspiration from experiences close to her heart and uses music to capture these moments in time. Myshelle hopes that through sharing her music, anyone going through a similar situation won't feel as alone as she showcases how even life's most chaotic moments can be used to create something beautiful

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Women About Sound aims to encourage the development of a thriving diverse music community for women and gender diverse musicians in New Zealand