Grace Petrie

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Grace Petrie returns to Aotearoa to promote her new album 'Build Something Better'

It’s two years since CONNECTIVITY (2021) smashed into the top 40 and debuted at #1 in the UK download chart, propelling the fiercely independent voice of GRACE PETRIE from critics’ choice to the main stages of major festivals across Britain, Australia and Canada.

Now the songwriter is back - stronger, older and a whole lot angrier than ever before. As rightwing ideologues trade in suspicion and cynicism, tearing communities apart against a backdrop of crumbling public services, the ordinary folk of Britain continue to suffer the consequences of corruption and individualism.

From within this maelstrom of despair comes BUILD SOMETHING BETTER - the new, uncontainable album from Grace Petrie.

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A Rolling Stone, Christchurch
(General Admission $40.00+BF)
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Pearl Diver, Dunedin
(GA $40.00+BF)
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