Vulvodynia Aotearoa 2024 Tour

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Spawned in 2014, Vulvodynia is a South African slam juggernaut designed with one purpose: to make the heaviest, most absurdly heavy music possible, while attempting to define themselves as more than just “another slam band.” With former guitarist, Lwandile Prusent, now on vocal duties and their 6th album being release on the July 5th, Vulvodynia are making 2024 their own.

If their mission was over-the-top heaviness, then consider it accomplished—from their debut release, Lord of Plagues, to their upcoming album Entabeni, Vulvodynia’s penchant for skull-splitting technicality and eviscerating heaviness has been obvious. Rapidly gaining popularity and recognition for their prodigal slam prowess, each tour and release has seen the band reach ears not just in their local scene, but around the world as well. As the band’s popularity grew, their sound matured, drawing more from a greater array of influences and improving their musicianship and dynamism.

With 5 full length albums cementing Vulvodynia’s status as slam legends, transcending common gimmicks and staples of the genre and instead opting to generate an overwhelmingly crushing experience that fans of any style of heavy music will be able to get into. The trend will continue with their forthcoming album, Entabeni, set to be released on July 5th via Unique Leader Records. Aotearoa will be one of the first countries in the world to feel the full force of Entabeni live

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