Hail, Meteor! + Celine + Pumice

Hail, Meteor! + Celine + Pumice

Tour Information
**UPDATE Disappointing news but David Mitchell has missed his plane from the UK due to sickness. He will play with Celine later at a different event. We all hope he's feeling better soon!**

Hail, Meteor!, Celine, Pumice play Whammy Backroom

Te Whanganui-a-tara's Hail, Meteor! are travelling up the line to join Tāmaki Makaurau's Celine & Pumice for a night of reverb drenched post-punk and plenty, plenty of improvised noise. This is night of dark harmony, of sparking guitars and great dreaming pop.

Hail, Meteor!, are bringing their epic slabs of heavy atmosphere and angel eyed post-rock. They're bleeding out new songs and can't wait to hit play on them for all and everyone. Their debut 4th Horse was released April 2023, and is available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

Celine blends outsider pop, noise-rock, and golden era Flying Nun influences to create a unique sonic palette. The melancholic vocals and big guitar sound resonates with fans who appreciate raw emotion and powerful melodies. David Mitchell, the Indie Hendrix of 3D’s fame joins us to bring you an evening of driving, spitting and screaming saturated sounds.
Rob Lundon - Guitar, vocals
David Mitchell - Guitar
Kirsten Smith - Bass
Marty Doo - Drums

Pumice is enjoying a lengthy stint as a three piece & currently features Jade Farley (Violin,Keyboards,Vocals), Rosy Parlane (Bass) & Stefan Neville (Guitar, Drums, Banjolele,Vocals). The songs have never been so full with tangled parts, weeping sores & worn out whimsy. A new 2x CD retrospective MISERABLE POISON (1996-2021) is out now on Swedish label Fordamning Arkiv.

$15.00 +BF presales
$20.00 on the door