Saz - The Afterlife - Single Release Party

Saz - The Afterlife - Single Release Party

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In the vibrant tapestry of the music world, SAZ emerges. A British turned Kiwi singer-songwriter whose melodies paint vivid portraits of life's intricacies. Born from the depths of her own experiences, her music transcends mere notes and lyrics - a mirror reflecting the essence of her trials and triumphs.

SAZ's passion for music ignited amidst the bustling streets and the melodies of her upbringing. But it was in the lush landscapes of New Zealand that her artistic soul found its true home.

Join SAZ as she unveils her debut single- AFTERLIFE

She is joined by Ersha Island, a bi-cultural sibling duo whose music explores their upbringing as third culture kids, the intricacies of identity and belonging. Together, they will take the stage at Neck Of The Woods on June 15th.

Join SAZ as she invites you to see the world through her eyes.