Date Night with Dateline and Ryan Fisherman

Date Night with Dateline and Ryan Fisherman

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Usually known for their boisterous rock’n’roll shows, Dateline will be doing something a little different on this occasion. “Date Night with Dateline” is an opportunity to hear the band in a more pared back and quiet environment, showcasing their songwriting and beautiful harmonies which they nail around 85% of the time. Mixed with a bit of chit chat, this will be an opportunity to see a new side of the band and to get to know them on a deeper level. What is Hikurangi’s love language? Why are all of Katie’s lyrics so self deprecating.. is everything ok? Can Phoebe and Reuben cope with the relentless bullying they endure at the hands of their band leader? Come along, ask the deep and meaningful questions and find out.

Joined by the incredible Ryan Fisherman (Ōtautahi) as well as a mystery guest or two, this will be a night to remember.

100% of the gig profit as well as all money made from the raffle (more details to come) will be donated to The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

Vogelmorn Upstairs
Doors 7pm
Ryan Fisherman 7.30pm
Dateline 8.30pm

Poster by Ashley brown

"Vogelmorn Upstairs is not a wheelchair accessible building. There is an accessible
bathroom in the space. This is an all ages venue but those under the age of 16 must be
accompanied by a designated adult after 8pm. The Vogelmorn Precinct is a community
space located in a residential area. With that in mind, the team ask that you be kind to
others' and that when you leave the gig, you do so quietly to avoid disturbing our