Ex-Partner's Asylum Trilogy. Feat: O/pus And Tgm.

Ex-Partner's Asylum Trilogy. Feat: O/pus And Tgm.

Tour Information
A celebration and viewing party for Ex-Partner's long-awaited 'Asylum Trilogy' music video!

In this three-part, epic work, a young girl must choose between an emotionally-stunted fan boy and a menacing, overprotective father-figure. It is a stylish and demented take on modern iterations of gender and the escapist, fantasy-worlds they provide.

A quote from the artist:

“We tried to capture the romance and excitement of a ‘90s teen thriller but within a loosely defined contextual universe, allowing us to play with a bunch of cinematic tropes and modern gender stereotypes. Our vision of NEETs, Marvel fans, ingénues, hypermasculine alphas and their resulting dramas became slightly too large for one single track so we had to reconfigure it into a more operatic scale.”

Ex-Partner will be performing new and old songs from their dense discography alongside FULL BAND The Ex-Partner Polycule (Eleanor Haydn, Damian Golfinopoulos and Jackson Hobbs.)

Featuring support from:

Below the thunders of the upper deep, O/pus (it’s pronounced oops) are Jade Farley (Pumice), Stefan Neville (Pumice), Ducklingmonster (Octopus), and Liz Mathews (Octopus). A band of Tāmaki punks waiting for high tide.


TGM is the solo electronic project of Aonghas Dubh (Ave Teth & Trepanation). Founded in 2019, TGM delves deep into industrial and techno, drawing inspiration from the likes of Coil, Emptyset and SHXCXCHCXSH.