The Bitter Brothers

The Bitter Brothers

Tour Information
Hey there, the Bitter Brothers are back in the saddle once again and we’ve got a really fun show lined up for you all this coming July 4th at Moon in Newtown, Wellington! It’ll be a night of celebrations, good music, and a recording project fundraiser!

We are a five piece family band offering an eclectic conglomeration of genre bending old time, new time, good time alt Americana.

This time we have several causes to gather round and celebrate. Our big brother, Little Willy Bitter has a very special anniversary this week and July 4th is also American independence day! Come celebrate the 4th of July with us, or...if you are an anglophile imperialist, come and express your bitterness with us. Either way we’d love to share our music with you, let’s whoop it up and howl together!

We’ve also been busily working on our first full length album and we’ve run out of cash, so we’ve decided to put on a fundraiser show, so we can cover our studio costs and finalize this recording project that’s been percolating on the stove for quite a while now. Come on down to our show and support the Bitter Brothers family cause.

We are also going to be supported by the amazing, musical phenomenon that is Rhysonic. Prepare to be awed and entertained at their confluence of cleverly engineered artistic expression and musical wonder, such as you’ve never seen before. Rhysonic is a truly special act that is not to be missed.

So gather round and come see this show we’ve put together for you all this July 4th! Moon will be offering food and drink specials on the night. There will be keening howls, nostalgic reveries, astonishing recoveries, and good old-fashioned toe-tapping fun.