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Wolf Party LP Release

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Tour Information
Sonic Werewolf Conference 2014AD:

Swiss Record Company Voodoo Rhythm Records, in conjunction with New Zealands Stink Magnetic Record Co, are re-releasing a fantastic and wyld record! And that record is this: WOLF PARTY; NEW ZEALAND WEREWOLF SOUNDS FROM STINK MAGNETIC: a collection of over 30 individual Sonic Werewolves performing within yet to be described genre and sub genre (henceforth Werewolf) and secret information beyond that which is currently inaudible to the human ear from all over the small towns of New Zealand Aotearoa alchemised in to one super-sonic hairy-o-phonic wax! Including Delaney Davidson, Boss Christ, Full Fucking Moon, Tape Man, Slim Chants, Mr Slackjaw, Bad Evil, Voodoo Savage & Savages, The Don Kings, Pro Drag, The Damned Evangelist, Sheville, Double Ya D, The Wrongdoings, The Chandeliers and Knife Fight!

Originally released a couple of years back on the greatest record label in the Universe: Stink Magnetic, now re-released INTER-FUCKING-NATIONALLY through VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS we kick-off an entire planets worth of party right here at the ass end of the pacific.

THIS APRIL 2014AD - GET IT FIRST & IN PERSON AT ONE OF THESE FANTATSIC WYLD AND INSANE LIVE SHOWS BY THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES FEATURING AT EVERY SHOW: GOLDEN AXE!!!!!!!: The two man electro-trash kiwi-kraftwerk, Suicide Casiotone Christmas light club anthems& LIGHTNING TAPE-WOLF!!!!!!!: Wyldest Surf Trash Cassette tape werewolf tape man half tape half man half werewolf

Grab the Wolf Party LP with free CD for just $25 at each show!! Bring a friend and go completely ape-shit at the wyldest show youve ever seen in your life

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