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Weedeater and Conan New Zealand Tour

Weedeater and Conan New Zealand Tour

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Weedeater and Conan - New Zealand Tour - July 2016

LIFE IS NOISE is very excited to announce that US trio Weedeater will be bringing their brand of stoner sludge to Australia and New Zealand this July… and as if that weren’t enough, they’ll be taking brutally monolithic UK outfit Conan along for the ride. This will be a menacing, heavy and destructively loud tour.


For the first time ever, LIFE IS NOISE is proud to be bringing North Carolinas favourite cough syrup swilling, hot sauce snorting weirdos, Weedeater to venues across Oz and NZ. Fronted by legendary bassist/vocalist Dixie Dave Collins, Weedeater are a dirty stoner force only to be fully appreciated up close and live with a show full of noise, sweat, spit, and fire. Weedeater will give you a contact high from merely listening.

There’s no band filthier than Weedeater - Consequence of Sound

Over a two decade career Weedeater have put out some of the most devastating crust fuelled doom records - from the legendary Sixteen Tons to God Luck and Good Speed and now the latest THC-soaked genius, Goliathan.

While the Albini-engineered Goliathan is perhaps the best attempt to capture the rawness of a Weedeater show, there’s really no substitute for the real thing. Live Weedeater is a frenzied, chaotic maelstrom of Southern sludge and raspy yet somehow still viscous vocals. Prepare for a total body experience.

Anyone who has experienced the sonic rumblings and onstage antics of the almighty Weedeater live knows that it is always, without fail, a deliriously good time. - MetalSucks


Conan are punishingly loud, mercilessly heavy and just downright menacing.

I had to go and have a shit, it was so heavy! - Matt Pike (Sleep/High on Fire)

Forming in 2006, the Liverpudlian trio’s latest release, Revengeance, is their third album of caveman battle doom - where ferociously hammered drums and sludge-filled guitar and bass meet torturously howled vocals to create music that sounds like a herd of war elephants marching over the bones of a vanquished army.

Conan are an important band and Revengeance is their strongest material to date; an album to be enjoyed drenched in the blood of your enemies whilst wondering if the tinnitus is permanent. - The Monolith

On stage, Conan are simply a behemoth of a band playing in front of a wall of amplifiers pushed to their limit. Pummelingly intense, you don’t just see a Conan show, you try to survive it!

Their songs are exercises in scowling, Lovecraftian menace, with macabre fantasies brought to life via detuned guitars and Jon Davis despairing bellow.
- The Guardian

Life is Noise and UTR proudly present...

Weedeater + Conan New Zealand Tour July 2016

Wellington - San Fran - July 12
Auckland - Kings Arms - July 13

Tickets on sale now online from UTR and in store at Flying Out in Auckland and RPM and Slow Boat in Welllington.