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Terry New Zealand Tour

Tour Information
michael mcclelland taxi services presents: TERRY
(members of UV Race, Total Control, Dick Diver)

Let there be no confusion about this: TERRY is a band.

A band, that is, of two couples. Two couples, that is, from loads of underground Melbourne bands. Melbourne, that is, the city in Australia.

Resemblances' TERRY are the Television Personalities in quirk, the Kinks in imagination, and nearly even the 3Ds in terms of idiosyncrasy. And for a band so distanced by the salty Tasman, these Aussies sit close to the hearth that is this country of ours: Amy Hill, for one, is an ex-pat NZer. Guitarist Al Montfort welcomes the Skeptics and DD Smash in equal measure. And yes, they're touring here with such conviction that they're riding all the way to Barrytown.

As for their live performance, boy, what a hoot: straight-ahead punk had not been so niftily-assembled, and with such curiosity, before TERRY. Tracks about Australian female politicians, violence, and emotional repression are all given due frankness in, uh, cowboy hats and studded denim attire. And the generous heaping of meta-punk at hand will spare you from ever forgetting the band name. TERRY.

We are not in shortage of thrills here, folks. This is no thrill drought.

After having released two 7-inches (through their home city's Aarght label and Upset The Rhythm in the UK respectively), Terry will be releasing their first full-length LP, 'Terry HQ', on the NZ tour. Why care' Because NZ is not often graced with an Australian act, let alone one from that country's much lapped-up underground renaissance. Y'know, that one NZers never hear about cos these bands never tour here. Well, no longer! Let this tour mark the mighty renewal of AUS-NZ musical diplomacy.

And if your allegiance to the flag should put you off exploring sounds that lie beyond your fickle shores, hear this one roar from the belly of TERRY: Terry does not support nationalism.

etc! etc! etc!

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