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Sheer Mag

Sheer Mag

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Sheer Mag are thrilled to announce their NZ debut with two across the North Island in December.

The mythos of Sheer Mag begins like so many other celebrated rock ‘n roll bands of yore: with two brothers. Following in the tradition of The Bee Gees, Oasis and The Allman Brothers, the brothers Seely conspired to create a rock ‘n roll band to end all rock bands. The sheer magnitude of the endeavor required the recruitment of a daring drummer, a fearless lyricist and a diva who could party good AND write the rent check. With the pantheon assembled, MAG quickly recorded and released their debut 7” to cosmic acclaim. The band now stands poised on the brink of world domination or complete destruction. Is it Punk? Is it Rock ‘n Roll? We’ll leave that to the music “critics.” But it is punk.

Having released two EPs, played Coachella and innumerable shows across the US, Sheer Mag are truly an unrivalled live experience.

100% Good and Oldies Present...

Shear Mag!
Tuesday 13th December, Whammy Bar, AKL
Wednesday 14th December, Valhalla, WTN

Tickets from UTR, Flying Out (AKL) and Slow Boat + RPM (WTN)