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Muscle-man vs Egovalve

Tour Information
FREE tix available to this gig (post to the FB event page and ask).

'Rock n Roll should sound like two rabid beasts f**king out their primal rage... Egovalve and Muscle-Man understand the importance of this - they're new, they're hardworking and they're as pretty as a two-pronged ceramic dildo.'

Raucous, energetic, country-infused RnR played as shambolically as the best slacker/college/indie greats - pre-interwebby (The Replacements, Femmes, Pussy Galore, Sebadoh, Fugazi) and post (Libertines, Titus Andronicus, Wilco, Kurt Vile).

Both these bands go balls-deep every show they play... no pacing themselves, no carefully crafted marketing/PR vision. Their gigs are always unpredictable, serenely chaotic and legendarily venue-shaking.
They make music that music that tickles the chubby chins of hipster-fancy while urinating on their hybrids cars.

Not wankers but sometimes assholes, these guys want you to come and have a cracker night but also don't care if you don't. They'll be there anyway, kicking out the frickin jams.

(Anyone who manages to take their clothes off without getting kicked out by the venue gets to come on stage for a song of their choice. Love x)


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