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Racing and Dual Present - One Last Christmas

Tour Information
Join Racing, DUAL, Dynamo Dave and Groove Lagoon for one last toast to Christmas at the Kings Arms Tavern. This will be the last Christmas event to be held at the legendary KA venue, so lets see it out with a bang and remember all the great times had over the years.

⚡⚡ Only $10 on zeeee door! ⚡⚡
⚡⚡ pre sales below ⚡⚡

⚡ Racing ⚡
Swirling sea of groove and hypnosis into rock anthems drenched in weird tropical dance music.

⚡ DUAL ⚡
Dream-like vocals with driving drum beats and dirty riffs create the psych-dance duo's sound.

⚡ Dynamo Dave ⚡
ALL analogue,ALL live,ALL doof.

⚡ Groove Lagoon ⚡
Space,Funk, Rock.