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Jed Parsons

Tour Information
Jed Parsons is joined by his band for an intimate performance in Christchurch.

He’s a familiar face and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has loaned his talents to many a band over the years. Now Jed Parsons is taking centre stage.

With his debut solo album on the horizon, the Christchurch-based artist has just revealed a taste of what’s to come, with his debut single ‘Get Lost’.

A blend of dreamy melodies, infectious hooks and clever songwriting, ‘Get Lost’ is the perfect introduction to Parsons’ unique concoction of indie-pop; a culmination of his rich and varied background as a touring musician, which has taken him around the world and into the studio with various projects including nomad, Pacific Heights, Mel Parsons, Odyssey and Allergic To Love.

Parsons, 25, is a consummate live performer, who has played in bands at countless festivals around the world and headlined tours. As a solo artist, his music balances eccentricity and energy with intimacy and musical sensitivity, maintaining a focus on catchy hooks and lyrical prowess. His songwriting is sculpted from his observations and analysis of a world he enjoys.

Growing up amongst his cyber-obsessed generation and a once earthquake-flattened city and culture, Parsons is able to shine a light on the silly, strange and interesting aspects of average life, in a society that seems happy to lock them away in its subconscious. He turns relatable topics of love, growing up, loss into musical magic.