The All Seeing Hand - Syntax Error Album Release

The All Seeing Hand - Syntax Error Album Release

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Tour Information
The All Seeing Hand are excited to announce the upcoming release of their new album Syntax Error. They are touring to release this new sonic exploration of the internal externalised, and the external consumed. Please join them in the simulation!

Wellington, Friday 10 August @ Meow
With Orchestra Of Spheres, Strange Stains & Bizznet
Special Stage Installation & Visuals by Abe Hollingsworth

Syntax Error is an album reflecting the cognitive dissonance of this very real dystopian future that we are presently in; a time that is cracked as the code freezes in contradiction. The screens are jittering, the blocks of language losing meaning, the progressive narrative paused until the program changes and we can run again. We are living a Syntax Error. The Program is broken.

The tracks on Syntax Error explore some of the contradictions that coexist in this complex moment, where seemingly all truths claim a capital T, and both the virtual and physical world are becoming a manifestation of a troubled mind. But with contradiction there is also hope, a striving for a new truth that recognises multiple voices; there is meditation, mediation, and reflection; there are communities navigating healing and growth; a troubled mind seeks peace...