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interVerse innerCourse
Greetings Earthlings, I come in peace. You have been invited into The andiVerse as a cultural attache from your world, while wearing the costume of your people, interact with other beings from other dimensions and times, while enjoying the auditory culture from another space.
Gaze lovingly into an transdimensional mirror:
We discovered your civilization a little over 50 of your years ago, in the time since, we have been watching and learning about your diverse culture. Part of this learning involved the perception of your sounds which we need to reframe into our cultural context in order to understand them. We would like to play to you this interpretation. The performance will have familiar to you containing many of your sounds and you will be able to sing and dance to it if it pleases you.

Or to put it another way:
Visitor from another universe plays interpretation of how they feel about human culture.

Imagine if you will, a visitor from another dimension, a parallel universe perhaps, visits Hamilton for one night. This visitor from The AndiVerse communicates their trans dimensional perspective of humanity through an introspective music performance. The instruments of choice are in a box of wires controlled by many knobs and dials, except some of the voices, which come from the mouths of goddesses borrowed for the the night. These goddesses have purposely been chosen from minor religions, not the main one: The humans blindly follow an overarching global religion known as Market Forces, as such, this is the highest indicator of human collective judgement. Incidentally, the Market Forces religion is also perfect for selecting the human cultural attache to attend the performance. Market Forces act within the constraint of the limited number of tickets available due to the mass of the Nivara Lounge, combined with the opportunity-limiting date of the performance on the 8th of December being in the height of a human ritual known as Work Do Season. These limitations act as a supreme selector, ensuring only the very best of humanity will be able to attend.


8:45 Set:
Jazmin’s Acoustic selection

9:30 Set:
Come Down
Pretty Little Thing

10:20 Set:
Precious Souls
Slow Burning Song
I am Loved
Stranger in a Strange Land
Still Falling

Artist Bio
Andy Bramwell is a Hamilton based folk artist creating music, visual art, digital art, performances and inventor of strange machines. Known by many as the wild DJ from Shakes (an 80s and 90s nightclub) and more recently for alternative live music performances and mechanical/electronic installations using light and sound. The AndiVerse moniker was initially adopted as a cheeky defiance against a ex-partner’s mockery of his apparent single-mindedness, and grew into a creative monster from another dimension.

Lee Heappey is a contemporary visual artist and singer songwriter based in Edgecumbe. Known in Hamilton music circles as a songwriter and for her work as artist liaison for Hark Records in the 90s. Lee is a driver in community arts in Edgecumbe, part of an lifting of the communities creative aspirations of the town through murals. Lee is in a music group called Spacejam with Andy.

Jazmin Heappey is a singer songwriter currently attending high school in Edgecumbe and is the eldest child of Lee and Darryn Heappey.

Video of Masterpiece:

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