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Hometown Throwdown Festival 2019

Hometown Throwdown Festival 2019

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Tour Information
NZ's hardcore scene rises from the ashes with an all ages festival to celebrate.

After years of decay, the scene is ready to take back what is theirs and prove wrong all the naysayers of old. With support from historic venue Eastgate Christian Centre, and Downfall Productions, Auckland's greatest local hardcore bands come together to usher a new age for the scene for all to join.

All Ages
No Drugs / No Alcohol
Doors open at 3pm.
First band on at 3:30pm.
All noise to end at 10pm.
Venue: Eastgate Christian Centre, Pakuranga, Auckland.
Date: February 16, 2019

Pre-sale tickets: $10
Door sale: $20
Make sure you buy your tickets early to save $10!

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Chasing South:
Auckland's local DIY hardcore legends take to the stage of their hometown of East Auckland in celebration of their split EP with fellow band † REI - nz †. Chaos will ensue. Guitars will fly. Heads will be crushed.

† REI - nz †:
This cult classic anime-powered progressive post-hardcore collective make a return from their hiatus debuting new material from not only their upcoming split release with Chasing South but also a new upcoming 7 track release featuring a new line-up consisting of former scene legends.

The melodic hardcore band that shook the world of NZ hardcore in 2018 with their release "Immutable" continue their reign of triumph. Unrelenting and unforgiving, their powerful mix of aggression and positivity is a winning formula that is unmatched.

Fire For Glory:
After reforming and returning to their roots to a purer pop-punk sound, Fire For Glory are now more powerful than they have ever been, having achieved such accolades such as opening for international acts Palaye Royale, and Dashboard Confessional.

ColdxWar (Wellington):
Wellington's hardest heavy hitting hardcore band ColdxWar make their way up to Auckland to show everyone how things are done in the capital city. Their straight edge philosophies and DIY aesthetic drive the backbone of their absolutely bone crushing sound.

Once Foretold:
This progressive metalcore sleeper hit band have proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Beastly blast beats fused with non-stop grooves, Once Foretold have hit the scene running since their debut late 2018 and see no sign of stopping.

Take Hold:
Technically sound yet so compact and beautiful, Take Hold's brand of melodic hardcore is proof that such aggressive music can truly be emotional in ways that touch the heart.

Parath (Hamilton):
The only melodic metalcore band today that is able to produce music that is genuine to themselves while also showing their mastery of the art of guitar with shredding and soaring melodies. Parath is the bridge between traditional melodic metalcore of old and the modern day.

Real Slam Poetry:
The slam death duo who don't even know what they're doing. Don't know what to expect? Neither do we; or them for that matter.