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Our era, and this monodic economy, wants to simplify the living everywhere. You may have heard the term Anthropocene. It means that colonisation has arrived at its ultimate plan: the plants, animals, and bacteria have to be transformed into human beings. But we are not fans of desert and monody. Sorry.

Life is life only when it is polyphonic, and so our scores are made from complex polyphonic exercises where, for instance, we will train to be birds, eating mosquitos for protein, making musical interpretation of rainforest. For KIT improvisation means resilience, that experimentation means permaculture and ’extended technique’
means music, text, video, and movement. As part of KIT FIT we are running Open Lab, a platform to initiate commentary on artistic practice with WLG musicians. Together with these musicians we will use experimentation and inquiry, to uncover personal narratives and insecurities people bring to the environment of how we work, which will become our performative piece for Portalfest.

KOLLEKTIV INTERNATIONAL TOTEM (KIT) is composed of people from different cultures and backgrounds, looking at the same music theatre direction, based in Zurich. For those who consider all the other living beings as part of the same family, regardless of their blood, if they are a fish or a mammal, or speaking the same language, the totem is the main symbol of this collective.

They create music theatre pieces together between fiction and documentary platforms with the aim, to show case a performative experience through this practice.

Kay Zhang – saxophone, voice & objects
Léo Collin – piano, percussion & objects
Nuria Khasenova – piano, flute & objects

Those interested in participating in Open Lab should contact for more details.

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