The Shambles - For The Last Time - NZ Tour

The Shambles - For The Last Time - NZ Tour

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Tour Information
The Shambles are playing their Final Sunset Tour for you all. This is your last opportunity to see the enigmatic groove merchants do their thing For the Last Time.

One last occasion for the band to farewell all of you who have been on the journey with us, listened to our music, danced at our shows and fuelled us to do what we love. One last moment to Thank You.

Grab your buddies, your girlfriend, your second cousin and anyone who wouldn’t want to miss their last night with THE SHAMBLES. The closeness we have with our appreciators is entirely unique and we want to pay homage to you all. We assure you, the energy will be electric. Of them all, just don’t miss this one.

The band is dispersing only for very positive reasons. People are moving to different cities, amazing opportunities are arising in new directions, and it is simply time to evolve. Obviously, it is with heavy heart… but we move forwards triumphantly and in song. 

Brings a dam tear,

We will see you very soon,
For The Last Time,

The Shambles.