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Audio Foundation Presents: Hunger (Berlin) #2

Tour Information
The Audio Foundation is pleased to present two nights with Berlin based pop/disco destructivists Hunger.

For the second show Hunger are joined by cult ritual fun whanau The Family and synths from outer space duo Slitopia

Hunger - specialists for musical accidents // faulty Disco Punk

The band Hunger, currently based in Berlin, consists of Christoph Rothmeier (The Entertainers’ Dry Eye, Kröter), playing drumset, drum computer, synthesizer, trumpet and singing,
and Jörg Hochapfel (Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra), playing synthesizers, melodica, tambourine and singing.

Often they play music together without playing together, or they invent cruel musical rules for themselves. Sometimes this results in tightly knit songs, although with a significant blurriness. And sometimes it results in terrible accidents - these are unavoidable, but welcome, while still being terrible accidents.

„Trash is not used just as decoration, but rather constitutes the main walls.“ (taz)
„Downright, but impressive destruction.“ (DJ Mauru)

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