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Van She

Van She

Monday 9th August, 2010 1:54PM

Epaullette catches up with Van She who are playing in Auckland this weekend.  Follow links after the IV for more info on the show.

Your last album seemed to pretty much clean up in Australia and your remixes are a club favourite all over the world and well known here. What are you guys expecting from your current release, “Ze Vemixes”?

Well we got asked to do a bonus disc by our label who wanted either a remix version of V or a remix version … We laughed at the accoustic version just because that would suck, so we all agreed on the remix version … Then they said that the deadline was 6 weeks away … Then we all stopped laughing and went into the studio.

You guys seem to have two very distinct things going on. Van She the band and Van She Tech the remix artists and DJs. How do you think they sit together? Do you ever get fans turning up expecting to see the band or visa versa?

Haha YES ! But mostly they don’t care because more and more nowadays it’s starting to become the same thing like our live set will be more techno and the dj set more song based or the other way around … Hopefully it doesn’t get too confusing haha.

Why the album title “V”? Also is there anything behind your moniker “Van She”?

Well when Matt and I started the band we needed a name and my last name is a mouth full so I asked Matt what his last name was and he said in meant “from the river Schie ” in Dutch, so we dropped the Schie for She making the name mean “From Woman” – Van She … We all thought it was nice enough and relevant to all of us.

Do the other two guys Matthew and Tomek ever feel left out when you guys are performing as Van She Tech?

No it means they can go home to bed early or better yet not go at all … But mostly they are included in the the Tech side live just not DJing.

What’s been the best gig to date and what happened to make it so good?

We played to like 15000 people in Sao Paolo supporting Phoenix about 2 years ago … Enough said … Oh and the funny thing was our booking agent forgot to tell us that we were also djing so we spent 2 hours before dinner downloading all our remixes off the internet so we could dj after.

What’s the best thing about making and playing music?

Moving people up above and moving them down below … The best is when someone loves a song and they come up and tell you about it and you are like “Wow !!! I can’t feel my feet … ! ”

You’ve mentioned that you have played support and worked along side some pretty big artists, like Daft Punk. Who else do you hope to work with in the future?

We were going to do some writing with M83 and Shinichi but we keep running out of time … I would love to work with Zdar and Boombase again from Cassius and even Hall and Oates if they are free .. ha !

It’s probably quite soon to be talking about more production, but are you working on any more remixes at the moment?

Yeah we just finished 2 remixes … One for our Parisian friends Housse de Racket which is up on our myspazz and a remix for Rappers Delight done by Dan the Automator and J5 for Evian Paris … We also just finished a cover of Blue Oyster Cults “Reaper” for Bacardi’s new label BLive in the states … I just realized that reads like a mini bar !


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