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F in Math

F in Math

Monday 9th August, 2010 12:27PM

We catch up with Michael Logie about his solo project F in Math and some other stuff.

How long has F in Math existed?

In its current incarnation it has existed since i got back from England which was basically early this year. I did my first show at Camp a Low Hum, a lot of the stuff was written while i was in england last year. Some of the songs like “electrolysis” and “five things” have existed for way longer, like maybe 5 or so years but they were originally done with “steven hawkings” type vocals.

What was your inspiration for this project?

I basically try and make music that i think sounds right within the limitations of a drum machine, a bass, lots of effects, some synth, and vocoder. So F in Math was really just a decision to use some particular pieces of equipment to make music with. To me that's why it sounds the way it does. Lyrically its inspired by whatever I'm thinking about, there is usually a bit of maths in there, but its generally a sort of stoner's version of maths.

How would you describe your sound?

Its electronic music and sort of rock music i guess, i try to flirt with, but not to commit to any particular sub genres of electronic music, or rock music, so there is a lot in there. Generally its supposed to be the musical and lyrical equivalent of the inside cover of a dropout's math book, covered in drawings and stuff.

How are things going with Cosmic Rays Of Death? Any new releases coming up? Playing any shows?

We stopped playing for a while to write some new stuff, but we have all been real busy so that got put on hold. We played a show recently but all agreed that we really need to write new stuff. Recording is a really important part of writing in my opinion so a release will follow as soon as we have new stuff. The last thing we recorded was a song called “SOS” which is on the “awesome feeling III” compilation. That's probably going to give you the best idea of where Cosmic Rays of Death are going.

Do you ever regret leaving The Mint Chicks?

Yea, i mean, they were and are some of my best friends, i miss all the fun times laughs, and playing with them. The creative process got a little constricting for me so I don't regret the current freedom i have. Also there were a lot of dark times, I don't really miss those. But I mostly just miss Kody, Ruban, and Paul as opposed to the mint chicks.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Lots of stuff, but if you want a list: frank zappa, lots of 60s psychadelic music, 70s stadium rock, slayer, sepultura, devo, early adam and the ants, chris clark and associated warp records artists, some classical like debussy and bartok.

What were you listing to in High School?

Hmm, i'll give you the order of my high school musical tastes: nirvana, and then sepultura, and then beck, then beastie boys, and then james brown, and then all sorts of jazz fusion, and then heaps of bebop, and then john zorn's naked city, and then i left high school. I still listen to all of that stuff.

What is your writing/recording process?

I write while i record so usually i draw inspiration from a working title in and then think of a bassline.Then write a drum pattern and record a basic thing, then think of a melody to go over that, then write some lyrics. Sometimes i go through the archives of unfinished sketches and pull something out, or i start with my drum machine and write something on that and then work around that. Lately I've been finishing stuff pretty quick. I finish a song in a day and play it that night at a show, that way it keeps everything fresh.

Your Dream Collaboration?

erm, i dont know, because most of my favourites i'd be too intimidated to work with. Squarepusher, Kid 606, Bjork, Lightning Bolt, Zach Hill, Nigel Godrich. But lately ive been so busy, I already have a great band lined up to play and collaborate with but i dont have the time to get together with them.... boooo!

Any releases coming up?

Yea there is something on the cards but i need a whole bunch of time to finish off stuff, and whenever i start finishing stuff off i decide to write a new song, and my newest songs are always my favourites , so as soon as somone slaps me and says, “release something already!” then maybe i'll start to seriously think about it. (Dont slap me please)

If you could have any original vinyl release in the world what would it be?

Frank Zappa's first album “freak out” its not my favourite of his, but its pretty special.

Of all the instruments you own, or have owned, what is your favourite?

My bass, i got it for my 21st birthday, its not a real flash one, its a “dan electro” but i really like it. I'm pretty cruel to it tho, its my bitch, yea, I slap it round a bit. Might upgrade at some point tho.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt musically in the last year?

I cant think of anything specific, ive learnt heaps, ive been teaching guitar, bass, and drums at high schools and primary schools, so ive been learning heaps. Oh, i also learnt how to sing and play bass, that was handy.

You’ve done a lot of touring, what have been some of your highlights?

Basically just travelling around with your best friends , playing music you love and getting paid to do it is one of my favourite things to do, and there is way too big a list of highlights. It's pretty fun touring as F in Math because i can write new songs and be much more creative while touring. Probably a disappointing answer, I'm not going to name drop because rubbing shoulders with celebrities isn't a highlight to me, so i'll say three words: Cocaine Treadmill Races. Hahaha

Dig the dirt on a band or band member you have toured with?

Ah, we were all pretty good in the mint chicks, all just lame stories of me, kody and ruban being faithful to our girls, and getting frustrated with paul not being brutal enough. haha. If i was to dig up dirt it would be about some of the darkest times ive had, so i'll leave that. I dont think there is too much to be ashamed of. I'm almost more ashamed of stuff i didn't do. But that's because what goes on tour never really stays on tour.

What’s one of the best shows you’ve been to?

beck was my top show for ages (odelay tour) then when i saw bjork at bdo in auckland i thought that was amazing, and the who was amazing. Erm, also Hella, Lightning Bolt, oh and when we first saw the Yea Yea Yea's play with The Liars in oz, and karen o fell off the stage and had to finish the show early. Up until the falling off the stage bit it was a great show.

Most overrated band at the moment?

Na, if i really thought hard about this and truthfully answered id offend people and look like an asshole.

Best band that nobodies ever heard of?

I'm not sure how much credit i should give your readers, this is a loose loose question, no matter what i write somone out there will have heard of them, and if i write somone you havn't heard of you'll just go “oh, never heard of them”.

so i'll write a list of semi obscure bands that i like, im not saying you havn't heard of them, but some people havn't!:

The Advantage, Bruce Haak, Daniel Johnston, Ex Girl, Faust, Fennez, Isotope 217, The Ladies, Marnie Stern, Naked City, Plastics, Ruins, Fatso Jetson, Tomita.

The future holds…?

More songs, More shows, More collaborations, some t shirts, hopefully some sleep.

The state of music in NZ is….

I dont know if its getting better or worse. I hope that new zealand is getting less conservative, but i dont think it is. Altho, somone told me that they saw Ben Lumus in the doll office recently, perhaps that sums it up?