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Monday 9th August, 2010 12:53PM

Interview with Kent Hawk from Kitty Hawk as part of our special on Muzai Records.

Been around since?


Current line up?

Kent Hawk - Gat / Vox / Synth
Oscar Hawk - Bass / Backing Vox
Simon Hawk – Drums

Where are you based?

Fuckland City

What got you into music?

It rules.

How did you get together?

Over coffee and a good book.

How would you describe your sound?

Explanation for your brain: Like the golden peak of a drug and sex fueled explosion.
Explanation for your Genre box: Disco Punk - short, sharp songs with psychotic dance groove.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Wings, Bill Clinton's Saxophone, Cliff Richard, Doris Day - all that hard core shit.

What is your writing/recording process?

A strange and dark voice tells us what to do.

Your Dream Collaboration?

I'd like to re-record Metallica's "...and Justice for All" with the Kung Fu monks of the Shaolin Temple.

Do you have any releases out or on the way?

Just finished the tune "Realistik Komputers". Engineered and Co produced by Mike Logie, Co produced by Kent and written with John Irvine (original drummer) and Dan Satherley (2nd bass player) - performed by Kent Briggs, Oscar Davies-Kay and Simon Frost (current Hawks).

We tracked this in Feb with Mike Logie and Danny Manetto at Zero Studios and we only just finished it now. Every month or so I'd phone Mike and have some new guitar or vox or crazy synth track to mix in... there's a lot of tracks on the final mix and I guess we were both pretty patient - ha ha!

Realistik Komputers and a bunch of other tunes will be released next year (along with other Khawk tunes) as a collection of singles - including the tune 1985 mixed by Disateradio!

The idea is to do a bunch of singles and have each single Produced / Co produced with a different NZ music luminary - so far with Mike and Disasteradio it's been a mint process... who's next I wonder?

Wooop there it is.

What do you enjoy most about music?

When you hit musical gold (in whatever form) the musical void that opens up and gives you a psychic transcendental blow job is the thing I enjoy the most.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt musically in the last year?

I should practice more.

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

Toss up between - Pixies in Ireland / Tool on the Aenima tour and Primus in '95 the list is endless...

Best or most memorable gig you have played?

Dogs on Prozac in Hamiltron with Olly Eason (drums) and Baz Turner (now deceased) on Bass / Co Vox and myself. It was the first massive reaction we'd ever got from a decent sized crowd of rowdy fuckers. In the first ten seconds of our first song - people / glass and beer just smashed into the front of the stage in a spastic tidal wave of drunk and horny students. I looked at all these squished thrashing people and shit flying onto the stage, then over at my band mate Barry - he had this look on his face of ecstatic shock n awe and we were both thinking the same thing - HOLY FUCK THIS IS KILLER!

If you could share the stage with anyone (band or person) who would it be?

Barry, Elvis and Squiddly Diddly on drums.

Most underrated band at the moment?

Black Sabbath - seriously they rule.

The future holds…?

Death for us all - so live it up.

The state of music in NZ is….

Pretty sweet for a village community - Cheers!

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