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Alizarin Lizard

Alizarin Lizard

Wednesday 24th November, 2010 6:31PM

If you haven’t heard the news already, it won’t be long before you do. That’s because Alizarin Lizard are blazing a trail down the country on a 42-date tour and soon enough will be playing at your doorstep once they run out of alphabet letters and microscopic townships to charm. Along with wingmen Rackets and Porpoise, they are, as we speak/type/read, making a name for themselves in some of the more unremarkably nameless sections of the country. Their adventures are being documented on their blog so be sure to track their progress as these bands spread the good word all over the country. If these bands survive the trip… I’m willing to bet the towns they visit won’t.

When/how did you get started as a band?

2008: Paul writes amazing songs, Bugs goes; "Hey Paul you should start a band, I want to play drums."

Current line-up?

Paul Cathro (guitar, vocals), Bugs (bass, backing vocals), Logan Hampton (keys, backing vocals), Benjamin Sargeant (drums).

What got you into music?

I was raised in a sheltered glade in a forest by a loving and caring bunch of flowers. Each morning we would all stroll about the forest remarking happily on our good fortune. One day however, I fell in with the wrong crowd, they were big, mean flowers, more like weeds. They dared me to get into music, and then before I knew it, here I am.

What other bands/projects have you been involved in?

Biff Merchants, Tono and the Finance Company, The Verlaines, Brown, Sex with Bowie, Sunley Band, Bypast, The Something Quartet.

How would you describe your sound?

Some kind of mixture of everything that the four of us have ever listened to, combined with the absurdity of the whole situation.

Who do you look up to, locally and otherwise?

The Verlaines, Iain Sweetman, Tim Shadbolt, Batman, Richard Emerson, Louis Smith, The Sun, I could go on... pretty much just most people who don't suck.

What is your writing/recording process?

Writing: Paul writes a song, plays it to the rest of the band, then everyone makes up their own parts. Done.
Recording: We usually just somehow find ourselves in a studio of sorts, and record. Getting the "live" feel is important, so we always try and record everyone together, and only overdub vocals and extra buzzy shit afterwards.

Your dream collaboration?

Jim Morrison (vocals), Jon Lord (keys), Mitch Mitchell (drums), Lemmy (bass), Tristan Dingemanns (guitar).

Tell us about the 42 date tour idea…?

We are doing 42 shows around NZ between October 18 and December 5. One day Logan says to Ben, Paul and Bugs; "Hey lets do a 42 date tour". Logan did the brunt of the work organising and booking the gigs, with some aid from Seedy (Left or Right), and Tono, amongst other friends. There is however, no funding from anyone. We are doing all of this by ourselves. Apart from a couple of cans of Red Bull (thanks!).

Best show/memory so far?

Everyone has their favourite shows but mine was probably the first gig in Bluff.... Hawea was pretty tight too... Visiting the most trippy pilot radio station in Millerton was really good times. Everything has been amazing in its own way, from the Lamb shanks in Waikaka, to the epicness of the Lyric Theatre in Granity, to the awesome crowd in Takaka. And we're not even halfway through yet!

What do you enjoy most about music?

Avoidance of the real world.

Where do you want the band to be in 6 months?

On top of a large record, several videos, and finishing the booking of our second NZ tour with the addition of Australia to the end of it.

If you could be on the bill opening for any artist, international or local, dead or alive… who?

King Crimson or Frank Zappa

Most overrated band at the moment?

Six 60

Most underrated band at the moment?


The state of music in NZ is….

Very good, if you look in the right direction, and avoid the shit.

Michael McClelland


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