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Gestalt Switch

Gestalt Switch

Monday 9th August, 2010 12:35PM

Been around since?
2002, with this line-up since 2003.

Current line up?
Rachael Botur, bass; Ashley Noel Hinton, guitar, vox; Blair McPhee, guitar; Sam W. Brookland, drums.

Where are you based?
Beautiful Dunedin.

Your current label is?
HandClappin‚ Records in Australia, independent here.

Musical history? What were you listening to back in high school?

Whitehouse, Mayhem, lots of free noise stuff, but also the more obvious stuff like the Pumpkins and Radiohead. Blistering Tongues were a cool local group that has only just broken up after 11 years. They ruled. I got to see David Kilgour every now and then. Beltane were really good, from Nelson. Mainly metal and rock, but Dino from HDU got me onto glitsch stuff and eventually Miles Davis. I really dig Bitches Brew.

The state of music in NZ is..?
Fucking killer, no doubt. Cultural cringe no longer exists and we‚re just getting out there and doing it, label/financial backing or not.

What's your favourite place to play?
Refuel, on Otago Uni campus. It‚s an underground bar, literally and the stage is tiny. We‚ve had some really good shows there. Sweat clings to the walls.

What was your favourite show?
Way too many to chose a definitive favourite. Maybe with Straitjacket Fits. We played some cool shows as a 3-piece a while back. Usually when we get to play with bands we like: Shaky Hands, El Schlong Orkid. If we ever get to play with The Mint Chicks, that‚ll be our favourite show.

What is your recording process?
It changes each time we do something new. We‚ve played live and just hit record, layered tracks, heaps of overdubs, no overdubs at all. Always with patience though. You don‚t wanna go in and just bash away.

What's been your best recording experience?
Just the other week. I swear dude, my drums are sounding like At Action Park.

What's been your worst recording experience?
There‚s not been too many, but it usually involves beer. Tasman Bitter. Sometimes getting a certain sound is hard when you‚re strapped for cash and good gear. But fuck it, it‚s punk rock n‚ roll.

Favorite radio show/station?

Radio One. Very Heavy, Very Heavy. Yes, that‚s a plug.

The Future holds?
HEAPS! We‚re touring more soon, after way too long a break. Recordings, tours, a video or 2, moving out of Dunedin, getting overseas. Being a proper band, right?

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