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She's So Rad

She's So Rad

Friday 29th July, 2011 4:46PM

You're about to release an album under the moniker She's So Rad. Tell me how that name came about.

Not much to tell, came up with it going for a walk one day. Radical Is a cool old surfing/skating term that needs to be celebrated.

Tell me a little bit about writing and recording the album.

The album was recorded in-between working on other records. It is the first time I have sung my own songs and as a result this is a very honest record in regards to what I listen to within music and what i get out of music. I used my cassette four track on all the songs, even the ones I recorded at studios, recording to cassette is so exciting and helps strip cheese out of music, there is something magical about the dolby button on a four track.

Was their any specific musical or thematic direction you were going for?

I love post punk and 90's indie music so I guess this is my take on that. I wanted the record to sound as raw and as modern as possible with elements of the 90's shoegaze bands. If you listen to the lyrics then you could probably find some themes in there.

Tell me about the title, In Circles...

At the risk of sounding contrived, Circles are everywhere and we are always in a cycle of some sort plus it sounds cool when you say it.

You have worked extensively with other artists, including Opensouls, Hollie Smith and Sommerset. Tell us a little bit about your musical history...

I have been playing guitar for ages. In the late nineties I got really excited about hardcore punk stuff and played in some bands but at the same time really got excited about sampling and hip hop production. Most things I have been involved in have been staunchly independent musical endeavours, half because the music I'm involved in never really fits in the commercial pop world but also because it is important to make music that is true to yourself. My brief time with Sommerset was an awesome introduction to touring. Playing in the soul bands was cool too (Opensouls, Hollie) but the whole time I did that I had this niggly feeling that I needed to play some rock n roll so that's how "She's So Rad" begun.

What draws you to a collaborative musical project? Why do you choose to work with who you do?

I like working with nice people and if it's worth hanging out with someone chances are it will be fun making music. I also love learning from other songwriters during the recording process especially living legends like Tim Guy who could write you a new song every day for a year.

The stuff that I've heard from She's So Rad sounds musically quite different to the artists you have worked with. Do you have a particular genre of music you are interested in. What is it about a particular kind or piece of music that gets you pumped?

Old Smashing Pumpkins, Sparklehorse and Sebadoh are a good start. Also Teenage Fanclub's new record makes me feel really good. I also dig alot of J Robbins productions and have done since he was in jawbox. Locally I really really love the last Die! Die! Die! record and the directions Kody and Rueben Neilson have gone in.

What have you got planned for the next 6-12 months after the album comes out?

Play as many shows as we can and push this record as much as possible 'cause I really like it.

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