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The Vacants

The Vacants

Monday 9th August, 2010 1:53PM

Been around since?
Mid- late 2004.

Current line up?
Arvid - vocals/guitar
Nick - vocals/ Bass
Dave - Drums/Percussion/Tubular bells/Harp

Where are you based?

Your current label is?
Molie Molie Mole

Musical history? What were you listening to back in high school?
I listened to a lot of 'grunge' bands.. Nirvana, Mudhoney etc, and stoner rock like Kyuss and stuff. The Pixies too were favourites in later high school years and all them British punk bands from the 70s that everyone knows of. I also listened to a bit of King Tubby in painting classes at school. Not that he's an influence. Joy Division and the Mary Chain came in later life to me.
Dave listened to similar music in highschool, though I think he was into metal as well- Sepultura and all that.
Nick listened to who knows what? You could probably get that one out of him.

The state of music in NZ is..?

Fucked. Generally speaking. Shit bands seem to get a lot of media and attention (shooting expensive music videos), while lots of really cool bands dont get that much acclaim or the wider public I mean. They enjoy respect and adoration from all the people that know about them and see them, but thats such a small percent of the population. Most of the really good kiwi bands have gone abroad at the moment as it is anyhow. Having said that there is a great number of really really cool, creative and interesting kiwi bands at the moment.

What's your favourite place to play?
For the audience vibe probably hamilton, because we grew our legs there. And the crowd there doesnt give a fuck, and has no concept of the Auckland semi-circle vibe. Which is entirely positive.

What was your favourite show?
Id say Dancing In The Streets in Lorne st cause it was the biggest and put us out of our comfort zone like never before. But then small venue shows have been awesome too, like Die!Die!Die! album release at Fu Bar, and the Mint Chicks show with this Night Creeps and Shaky Hands at the Castle in Hamilton was awesome. Edens bar shows (when it existed) had some really memorable times. When the crowd is not afraid to let themselves go and have a fun time, dance, jump around, makes it far more memorable.

What is your recording process?
We record all bass/drum/guitar tracks live, like we would a show but song by song. None of this track by track shit. I mean, it works for some bands but we like the live feel that you can only get by recording live. Then we over dub extra guitar tracks where they're needed, and any other instruments we might add. Conga drums (they're in a song on the album), shakers and stuff. Last go on are the vocals.

What's been your best recording experience?
This album we have just recorded at Studio 203 on symonds st. It was rad, aside from sickness and various set backs.

What's been your worst recording experience?
Recording at an audio engeneering school with about 8 audio engeneering students all trying to have their say and put their spin on things. And mixing the recordings to fit their marking criteria (fair enough?). It was a learning experience but generally poose.

Favorite radio show/station?
I dont listen to radio really so yeah........ when I do listen its bfm usually. Fleet has cool stuff but I cant pick it up.

The Future holds…?
Releasing this album 'In Transit', lots of tours and shows in New Zealand and Australia. Hopefully get our arses farther overseas..thats the big one, but will take time.......oh yeah, and ridding the earth of Bono and Bob Geldoff........................................if only.

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