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Tied on Teeth

Tied on Teeth

Thursday 15th September, 2011 3:16PM

Up-and-comers Tied On Teeth are only in their last year of high school but have already found a home on the airwaves and some pretty sweet gig line-ups. We thought we'd better catch up with them in case the end of the school year sparks the end of the trio...

When did you first get together as a band?

We first started playing together in primary school when we were about 12, and we’ve been in bands with each other every since. In May 2010 we started playing as a three piece and played our first show in June.

How do you usually record your songs?

For our EP (, we recorded live and then added bits and pieces over the top and vocals last.

What kind of music do you try to channel?

Shoegaze, surfy, post-punk, indie pop.

Any local influences?

Cut Off Your Hands, Die! Die! Die!, Popstrangers, Attic Sky’s and The Mint Chicks.

Explain the band name?


Do you have any trouble getting into shows?

Yes! We need our parents at pretty much every show because most venues around here are bars or clubs. It a can be a big hassle at times - which means we really enjoy All Ages shows.

What’s your most memorable show so far, would you say?

I would have to say our very first show. We only played three songs (because we only had 3 or 4) but we opened for the coolest bands. Dear Times Waste, Brand New Math, Collapsing Cities and Cut Off Your Hands at Kings Arms in Auckland. I think that show got us really excited about music and being in a ‘proper band’.

Also, bStreet the other weekend was great!

What do the individual band members get up to in their lives?

Hugh records music in his bedroom. Ivan is into his drama and acting. Lawree records music in his bedroom.

How long do you think you’ll keep doing music for?

As long as we can! But, this is our last year at high school so we might end up moving to different cities to study, which would suck. But the plan is to stay together, yeeh.

Anything particularly good that you’ve been listening to recently?

Smith Westerns, Girls, Youth Lagoon, Cut off your hands - HOLLOW, Batrider, Women, Joy division, Atlas sound, Deerhunter.

What do you think of the music scene in NZ?

Beside the problems the rest of the world shares, I think it is really good, there are so many young bands now that are actually good. There’s just not a nice range of venues and most are licensed. There needs to be more venues like void in Hamilton, where anyone can organise a show and anyone can come watch.

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