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Monday 26th September, 2011 11:33AM

Mono return to NZ in this week with their show shaping up to be another big one. We put a few questions to them ahead of the show this Saturday at the Kings Arms Tavern...

Where are you right now?

We are in Japan.

How do you remember NZ from the last time?

We had so much fun the last time we visited. Luckily, we had new friends to show us around. Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic at the show.

Tell me – what does volume mean to Mono?

Surprisingly, our volume has decreased over the years. In the beginning, it was a way for us to be heard. We were just starting and had no audience anywhere. We thought that if we could be loud enough, someone would listen. But as we've grown as a band, volume is not so much a way to communicate like it used to be.

How have your ears handled it in the last 10+ years?

Very fortunately, we have no problems.

Was MONO affected by the recent natural disasters in Japan?

We are very grateful that none of us or our families were harmed. I think everyone in Japan was affected emotionally, just because you cannot escape something so devastating that happens near your home. But somehow we've all learned to continue our daily lives and hope that better days are ahead.

What are your favourite Japanese groups of the last 50 years?

Our favorite bands from JP were mostly old metal bands like Loudness, Bow Wow, back from when we were students.

We won’t be getting the 24 piece orchestra in NZ – can you tell me does performing with an orchestra in different parts of the world mean re-disciplining yourselves?

We hope to play with orchestras for certain occasions but it is not something that we want to pursue for every show. I think it's just something we do because we enjoy classical music and working with classical instrumentation. Anything that helps us grow as musicians does not limit us.

Are the Orchestras ok with the volume you perform?

Yes, we meet 1-2 prior to the show and have a rehearsal. Somehow we find the best way to balance our sounds and work with one another. They have all been so professional and supportive. We are truly lucky.

Are you familiar with any Australian or New Zealand groups of the last 50 years?

I have always been a fan of classical artists such as David Helfgott.

What's the best food to eat on tour – the Japanese diet is a luxury here – is touring difficult or have you adapted?

We've pretty much adapted to be eating and living on the road so we're not too picky about food.

Kit Walker