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Sunken Seas

Sunken Seas

Tuesday 11th October, 2011 12:38PM

Wellington band Sunken Seas is the brain child of three ex-Tiddabades members. We caught up with Ryan Harte about forming the band, what they're up to at the moment and what we can expect from their show on Wednesday night as part of San Francisco Bathhouse's new band showcase Pump up the Volume.

How did the band start?

We all used to be in a band called Tiddabades but we got really bored with the sound: there was just were no surprises and no room to jam with the pop structured songs. After we broke it off our singer Timmy moved to Melbourne and I started playing with different ideas/bands but eventually the three music guys started jamming again and it was totally different. After having a big break it was good to just get loose with no expectation, no recordings to be made, no shows coming up. Next thing we know, we had almost enough songs for an album so it just naturally progressed.

How long have you been together?

About 6 months.

Describe your sound?


Describe your influences and inspiration:

And Also the Trees, Stereolab, Bailter Space, Medicine, The Fall, Neu!, Black Sabbath, The Dead C, Sonic Youth, Hella, Amon Düül II.

What are you working on at the moment?

We have just about finished recording our album. Working on video ideas at the moment, doing sausage sizzles, top-less car washes - donations appreciated!

What are the future plans for you guys?

At the moment, to be honest we just want to play shows. We have been in hiding away for so long and are getting withdrawals.

What can we expect from the live show and why should we come see you on Wednesday?

If you enjoy watching three grown men drown, then I suggest you don't miss out!

Why are you excited about playing with the other bands?

I think Shocking and Stunning are great live. Really intense and emotive so looking forward to seeing them again. Also Dial Square is a good bunch of charming lads and are always pushing the envelope musically.

The state of the Wellington music scene is:

Pretty exciting to be honest. I can't remember who I was talking to this weekend about this as it was in the wee hours of the morning but they mentioned that Wellington kind of has a musical spark lit every two years. We are going through one of those cycles right now i reckon as there are a few names popping up.

Favourite Wellington bands?

So So Modern, Glass Vaults, Secret Knives, Beast Wars, Jon Lemmon, Black Boned Angel.

I'm also looking forward to see what happens with Black City Lights and Tommy Ill in the near future too.

- Courtney Sanders

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