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Endless Boogie

Endless Boogie

Interviewed by
Kit Walker
Monday 12th March, 2012 9:12AM

Endless Boogie are heading to New Zealand to play in Auckland and Hamilton this week. Kit Walker caught up with the band to discuss their first trip here and what we can expect from their set.

How does it feel to finally come to NZ?

We're unbelievably psyched. it is an honor indeed to be invited to come and play.

Are your songs really 60+ minutes long – what’s it like at the end of a show?

They could be an hour long, if we get into it, but it's pretty rare they go that long, but 30-45 is not unusual. Sometimes we play 8 songs in 45 minutes, then again sometimes it's two jams in an hour and a half. I guess it's a question of making it all morph, we don't use set lists, there is not much of pre-planning before a show, it's all about getting into the moment and hopefully catch a vibe. But we do bring real songs as well as improvised jams, it's mostly a mix of the twain.

You guys collect records – any records you are looking for while you are here?

Always wanted that Bluestars 45. Unfortunately i sold my 'stoned guitar' LP a while back, obviously a huge mistake!

How will a New Zealander feel at the end of an Endless Boogie set?

Relieved that it was possible for it to end, that coupled with the thought 'well, i'm happy i went out to see that'. I mean, I hope people enjoy what we do! we certainly enjoy doing it!

What's the most ridiculously great jam you have been privvy to recently – on record , live or elsewhere?

Memory is a little fuzzy as it's 3.30am and we've just spent 6 12-hour days recording but Tinariwen live is pretty astounding, life-affirming stuff. On record, I dunno, I've been revisiting Terry Riley and Eddie Palmieri records lately, there's a band called Mount Carmel from Columbus who we have played with, they have a really great record on Siltbreeze and their new one is about to come out, and it is amazing - the right Blue Cheer influence. As opposed to the wrong Blue Cheer influence. Brooklyn-based Mike Wexler has a haunting veiled threat of an album coming out very soon on Mexican Summer. It is remarkable. Degreaser is a local band with Tasmania roots. Incredibly great negative music. They have a record on Negative Guestlist. Local heroes Soldiers of Fortune can be absolutely insane live, our fearless mentor Matt Sweeney (who basically is the snakefinger of Endless Boogie) is in that band. I love their album but the live action is a true life force. Other than that we mostly enjoy the same Slim Gaillard and Babs Gonzales as always.

Give me a new reason why digital music sucks?

I really don't mind digital recordings or digital sounds. To be against digital recording is like being against electric recordings back when there was only acoustic recordings. but selling/buying digital files or anything over the ether is just unsatisfactory. And it kills local businesses. Not just that, it kills cities. One of the most pleasurable experiences is to visit a new town and check out local used book stores and record stores. That's becoming harder and harder to do.. Also an actual record store isn't there for you to just pop in and pick up a record you already know about. It's about the browsing, getting ideas from what's in the room, and most importantly a shop keeper that will turn you on to things you may not be hip to. You can't get that interaction online.

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