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Drop Dead Redhead

Drop Dead Redhead

Interviewed by
Courtney Sanders
Wednesday 28th March, 2012 9:03AM

Drop Dead Redhead have been kicking around Auckland since 2010, releasing a couple of singles along the way. They are supporting The DHDFD's album release show at MUM this Friday, and we caught up with them ahead of the show to ask them about their deal. Their responses, no seriousness included, below.

How did you guys form?

We formed 2010 and we're still forming, planning to build on our formation in some sort of form. Once upon a time at a party Jessie's girl band (Public Hair) tickled Mark's fancy. They started playing together soon after - as friends of course. Danny joined after they killed their first drummer - about a year ago.

How would you describe your sound?

Like fakno folk meets saewo / Garage-rock meets girl-boy riot.

What or who are you influenced by?

Everything we've ever sensed - it's all in there, from Queen to Celine.

Do you feel part of a musical community in Auckland and if so, tell me a little bit about it?

We're part of a musical community comprised of young bands, middling bands and dad rock. We like all these bands and their families, especially when they play at Lucha Lounge, Tabac, King's Arms, Golden Dawn and The Grassy Knoll - Beach Pigs, Headspins, New Natives, Twinkie.

What do you think of the current state of New Zealand music?

If we answer this question we could sound like wankers, when actually we're quite nice. It's way better than it was and everyone is doing it! Almost everyone is in a band, some extra keen people are in 5 bands. There's every kind of music you would want to play or listen to... and that's super.

What are you guys working on at the moment?

New songs and keeping our drummer alive. We're working up a couple of music videos, one for our first single, 'Foul Creature of Darkness' and another for our forthcoming single.

You've released a couple of singles 'Foul Creature of Darkness' and 'Kiss on Her Left Cheek'. Tell us a little bit about those.

Foul Creature of Darkness is about our first drummer and Kiss on Her Left Cheek is not about our first drummer. Foul Creature of Darkness is about our first drummer and Kiss on Her Left Cheek is not about our first drummer.

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Touring New Zealand in May, releasing our EP at that time, and recording an album at the end of the year.

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