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Thursday 10th May, 2012 12:46PM

Alistar Deverick of The Ruby Suns is the man behind new project Boycrush and UTR caught up with Deverick to discuss his curious new sonic outlet.

When did Boycrush start?

I started Boycrush while in Edinburgh staying with my uncle on some time off from playing drums on a European tour with the Ruby Suns. I couldn't play drums where I was so it was just an outlet for my creative energy. I was playing around with reason and Pro Tools and trying to sing Animal Collective harmonies and experiment with sounds and I kept going with it.

What were your initial intentions with Boycrush?

I wanted to make music I like and would want to listen to and eventually present the music to people but I am still figuring out how to do that. I have had my friend Ryan Mcphun playing drums with me for some shows and also Hayden East singing and playing with effects - I like it changing around and want to keep experimenting.

Where does Boycrush take its influences from?

It's hard to say what I was trying to do but what comes out is kind of dance based but in pop song form. I really am into a lot of super produced pop and R&B stuff like The Weeknd and Drake and also the crossover with bands and producers - getting sounds that aren't just drums and bass and guitars. Like the track "Helicopter" that Deerhunter made and then the Diplo remix. I made an aqua cover a while ago but don't actually want to go too far in that direction.

You've already got so many other music projects going on, why Boycrush?

I like Boycrush because I own it and I can do what I want and can play with stuff other than drums and percussion which is what I mostly contribute to the bands I play with.

What releases or recordings have you completed this far?

I have released some stuff with the Red Bull Music Academy. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks participating in that in Madrid last year - that's where i played my first show and it was at the same show as Tom Ze and El Guincho which was super exciting. They made a lot of promotional CDs and internet downloads from the two weeks of recording and collaborations. It's not a Boycrush release though really, more documented experimentation.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have mostly finished recording and mixing a track for one side of a Red Bull Music Academy 7" release with Grayson Gilmour, and it's going to be cool. Also I am trying to finish a four-track EP right now - I'm kind of in mixing stage so I need to start looking out for somone to help me to release it or otherwise figure out how to do it myself.

You've got a pretty awesome / funny / ironic visual shtick going on. Tell us a little bit about that.

Myy visual shtick! I probably need to put more into that. The music is kind of party and kind of sickly in a way so it works that Vodka Cruisers are the Boycrush official drink. Maybe I need some banners. I have some plans in the works for some super rad projections which will hopefully work out.

What are you looking forward to doing with Boycrush over the next few months?

Finishing this EP! And making an awesome live show and playing some cool shows. I'm also anxious to get working on the next project - i guess an album is the next logical step.

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