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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Monday 9th August, 2010 1:05PM

We catch up with Auckland band Missing Teeth, who have just released their 2rd album,  iLL gOTTEN gAINS.

If you havn't had the chance to see this rollercoaster act live, then get out and do it now. Missing Teeth rule OK!

hi, my names Dave, I play drums and sing a little in missing teeth, and the rest of ma’ boys aren’t here right now, so I guess I get to do all the talking. Under the Radar has asked us all of the standard questions which have been plaguing bands since the guitar first interested anyone… so, for what it’s worth, here is some dirt on missing teeth teeth “established” in 1999.

“the best show” that I can remember was the very last one that we played(which may say just as much about my memory, as anything…), which was punkfest07 in Wellington. –the drive is hard, the crowd is harder, and the show was really fucking messed up. I love it! –my second favourite show was the one before THAT, which was at my friend’s house. not to say that we haven’t played so many shows that I can’t actually remember anything specific about any of them. –its kinda like wiping your ass, ya know? –the sort’v thing ya do it so many times, sometimes you cant remember if you did it last time, or not.

“missing teeth is comprised of” the 4 drop-out members of a much larger organisation which was originally formed to service the nether-regions of a rather complicated mechanical octopus which is situated in a large tank of rainwater at a beach house in kohemaramara. given the seriousness of the situation, the line-up of the band has never changed. the four of us have all lived in Auckland for at least a decade. with ancestry which stretches back at least three and a half billion years when life first started on earth. if you think creationism is science. consider peer-review, then suicide.

“right now, I am listening to” an audio book ‘the god delusion’ by Richard dawkins. –I understand that it’s not exactly music, but I have a headache… and, as silly as the guy’s name is, he’s fucking right. –highly recommended reading/listening!

the “worst recording experience” I have ever had is the disaster EP. but let us not dwell…. it’s lucky for us that good songs make up the biggest part of the ‘pie’ when it comes to recording. Recording is kind of un-usual for us. based on the fact that everything audio (after our first album) I have taken care of recording at “theDank”. this cuts out producers/engineers and general ‘label arseholes’ which I think often ruins some bands. –not to say this approach doesn’t have its own set of problems… but, I don’t think that I would have it any other way…

Without boring anyone with details. I think that the people trying to be the biggest richest, loudest most polished turd on the telly has fucked music right in the mouth. As a result, most music that I discover today which I immediately enjoy has often been recorded 15 years ago or more, on gear that would blush if it saw my setup. –And my setup is –by today’s standards, utterly pitiful.

I sincerely believe that the record ‘industry’ is responsible for it’s own demise, as it’s been scrambling to keep fat by re-releasing the same old shit that got them that way in the first place, -introducing new formats to trick the public into spending their’ hard earned cash on the SAME recordings that they already own!!!! Its no fucking wonder people are now downloading music for free. –karma’s a bitch! “What is in store in the future” well, it’s unwritten. According to Mr Strummer. and that guys knows what he’s talking about.

There is a fairly comprehensive list of things that I would like to do before I die. –I simply chip away at that when the opportunities arise… “So long as everyone is having a good time” is the motto that I stand by. Now, AS for the new Album!!

iLL gOTTEN gAINs is the title. –and it is about our fifth or sixth release. –I don’t remember all the details, but I do recall our debut album in two thousand and something... after that, we have personally funded, and recorded three 7 inch vinyl’s, Two compilations (nearly fifty bands in total), three or four videos an EP, as well as provided tracks for a nut-load of other stuff…. –im already getting sick of people calling this ‘our second album’… and it’s not even out yet!!! iLL gOTTEN is again, our own recording… I think we spent more on paying someone to do square up the art than it cost to record the album. (if you don’t include snacks and favours) – although, I hope that when people listen to it, they mite realize how fucking furious our songs actually are –one comment that im particularly proud of was “man, that song has BALLS” –which I saw on after posting the first single called “the plague”

that’s about all the encouragement I need. we went into this album with the intention of just recording an album. we don’t want to emotionally toy with people, ill gotten, is a bunch of songs which you can chuck on the stereo on Friday afternoon just before and during, - but not after -you go out and get boozed with your buddies. PuppyKillerRecords is all about keeping it shitty. yeah!

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