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Monday 9th August, 2010 12:16PM

• Been around since?
Early 2005. We have had a few line up changes now we are Mk IV DHDFDs

• Current line up?
Alex Brown - Drums
Kudaranee Brown - Vocals
Eric Scholes - Subsonic Molestation
King Wee James King - Guitars

• Where are you based?
Pt Chevalier! ! !

• Musical history? What were you listening to back in high school?
Lots of punk music from the seventies like The Stooges and The Misfits.
Lots of sixties stuff like The Who and The Beatles.
Some Heavy Metal like Metallica and Iron Maiden.
We like Primus and Mr. Bungle and all of Mike Patton's stuff.
We listened to so much stuff It would be silly to write it all down!

• What are you currently listening to?

A very brief list of the music in our heads right now: Boris, Dead Kennedys, Melvins, Captain Beefheart, Syd Barret, Residents, Black Flag, Lightning Bolt, Iron Maiden, Bad Brains, Deerhoof, and The Easybeats.

• The state of music in NZ is..?
There's a few good bands and alot of boring stuff. It seems most of the exciting bands go overseas.

• What’s your favorite place to play?
One Of Bridget Saunders house parties. They are pretty epic.

• What was your favorite show?

A fleet fm show at space bar. Kudaranee got escorted out of the venue before we played, but they let him back in so we could do our set. Some Freddie Mercury impersonator was performing while we were setting up; he was so shit and old. We played our set then Kudaranee was kicked out again and now we are banned for 2 years.

• What is your recording process?
We have been recording everything live, putting mics on everything and just playing it as if we were on stage. We have tried multi tracking but it has no energy. We want our recordings to sound like a live DHDFDs show - Full of heaps of energy, a relentless assault on all the senses.

• What's been your best recording experience?
This one session at Eric's house when we recorded our entire set and got a really good mix down for some demos. Or maybe when we recorded our set live at the transmission room on a little gizmo gadget thingy, which we put on the sound desk at the back of the venue. You can hear the soundman talking to people between songs.

• What’s been your worst recording experience?
We haven't had a bad one yet, so I dunno.

• Favorite radio show/station?

95 bFM
The rock and roll wire

• The Future holds…?
A lot more shows in Auckland, and all over the country! Then we're flying off to Japan in September to promote our record, which we are about to record in a few days! We will probably do Aussie on the way home as well! Look out for our first record in stores soon and heaps of cool artwork and some videos and more fucked up shit at shows. It's all being worked on here at team DHDFD!!!!!

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