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Gerda Blank

Gerda Blank

Monday 9th August, 2010 12:34PM

Been around since? current line-up Nov.2008, …been a solo recording /performing project for 5 years performing Japan, Europe, Aust.

Current line up?
Rhys Braddock (guitar, vox, other stuff…Stu Mills (Londoner,drums, vox, other stuff)

Where are you based?
…currently in NZ but moving to Europe in July

Musical history? What were you listening to back in high school?

Rhys: Well, the same shit I listen to now…plus some extras…Joy Division, Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, The Cure, Jesus and Marychain, Einsturzende Neubauten, The Pixies etc… Stu: The Who, The Kinks, Public Enemy, Minor Threat,

What are you currently listening to?
The sound of the tap…The Fall, Rodrigo Gabriella, Queens of The Stone Age, Bo Diddely, Howlin’ Wolf, The Sonics

The state of music in NZ is..?
The same as it always was…

What’s your favorite place to play?
The Bollix, Whammy, 100 Club

What was your favorite show?

What is your recording process?
Push play and hope something good happens…we have a tendency towards raw, unworked clay with all the boils and pus still wet on the skin…

What's been your best recording experience?
Stu: Recording in Matrix in London where the Pistols rec. NMTB ….Rhys: At home when you realise you really are a genuis…

What’s been your worst recording experience?
Rhys : At home when you realise you really are a wanker… Stu: After finishing a genuis 30 minute sonic opus realising we hadn’t pushed REC. Favorite radio show/station? By default, 95BFM, Radio NZ, Mai FM,

The Future holds…?
Things not of the past…tour Europe, UK, new recordings (next week), all the usual stuff bands usually do…