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Monday 9th August, 2010 12:24PM

Been around since?

Current line up?
Lani Purkis, Dave Gibson, Scotty Pearson, Justyn Pilbrow

Where are you based?

Musical history?
What were you listening to back in high school? I had a background in Jazz through high school , then started a degree in Music at Auckland university . In high School Lisrtened to lots of Bob M arley And Metallica, N.W.A , Native tounges stuff (Tribe, de La etc) D.K’s etc

What are you currently listening to?
At this minute?The New N.E.R.D stuff,

The state of music in NZ is..?
Healthy , Promising

What’s your favourite place to play?
As in Venue? Man so many, But the Stadium thing In Christchurch is pretty cool, As is The Mangwhai Tavern, And Anywhere in Wanaka During Winter.

What was your favourite show?
So Far It’s a tie Between Edgefest at the supertop, and our first album release show at the town hall.

What is your recording process?
Its Different each time we make a record.

What's been your best recording experience?
Our Most Recent outing was really enjoyable.

What’s been your worst recording experience?
Trying to record a cover for a b-side on the first record. It has never seen the light of day thank goodness.

Favorite radio show/station?
Music 101 on national Radio
The Future holds…?

Album Release:
This is album no.?

Where did you record it and who with?
We recorded it in a studio we built ourselves in the “Lab” building. Our Engineer Dan Rejmer, Worked on our second record and we got him back for this one. The Mixer Was Sam Gibson who mixed out first record.

What tours have you got planned to accompany the album?
We Have A National Tour Starting On June 19th.

Any overseas excursions planned?
Not as yet

Anything else you’d like to let the people of UTR know?
Thanks very Much For Having Us.

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