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Thought Creature

Thought Creature

Monday 9th August, 2010 1:49PM

Interview with Will Rattray from Thought Creature

Been around since?
Like any good Creature the dawn of time!!!

Current line up?
Danny Brady on the Low Notes, Will Rattray on the Cat Strings and Microphone, Peter Copeland on the Bangers and Mash

Where are you based?
Wellington City!!!

Musical history?
Theres been a few Bass players drop past over the years but me and Pete have been making a racket from the start. Danny helped record the first E.P. When we went to tour for it the Bass player at the time was out of action. Danny knew the songs so we kidnapped him and took him on the road. Lucky for us he stuck around and we made a record.

What were you listening to back in high school?
Not enough of the things I wish I had. Although! heaps of 90s hip hop and turntablest stuff like Wu-Tung and Doctor Octagon, some good punk, some terrible punk, plus the big rock/ alternative stuff like early Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Janes Addiction!!!

What are you currently listening to?
For me Arial Pink, Hoopla, The Surf Creatures, The Manta Rays, The Damned Evangelists, Sharpie Crows, The Shocking Pinks, The Tiger Tones, Miami Beach, Sonic Youth. Between us we our tastes seem to cover the Psychedelic 60s, Late 70s Manchester, 80s New York, the dirty old 90s and a spread of the Noughtys pretty well.

The state of music in NZ is . . .?
more 7 inches! us included.

What’s your favourite place to play?
Anywhere the people dance were apt to make a show. The Forest is always good. On tour in Australia we jammed in a cave on top of a big cliff. Small audience, BIG sound!!!

What was your favourite show?
Camp A Low Hum this year was pretty outrageous as far as shows go. Dancing Zombies, fake Blood, Rubber Frankenstein, Giant Octopus, Amps Blow'n, Rain Fall'n, The great outdoors, the Big Black Night! It was a good old Monster Mash really. oh and did I mention Teen Wolf played to!!!!

What is your recording process?
Warm Room, rainbow lighting that shines from the floor, late nights. If you can nail that then the rests all smoke and mirrors.

What's been your best recording experience?
We recorded Teleport Palace all over the show but the parts recorded up top in the storage rooms of the old Hamish Mackay Gallery were pretty momentous. We were surrounded on all sides by some amazing art. Ronnie van Hout, Rohan Wealleans and Collin McCahon all had works there. 100 watt amps blastn away next to 70, 000 dollar paintings! No place to spill beer, but a hell of a place to make music. There was even two replica Donald Duck and Micky Mouse statues identical to those made by convicts in the 40s for the Picton playground. They were recreated by Ronnie Van Hout for one of his shows and when the whole piece was set up Donald Duck would watch Mickys head spin round as she whooped and Wowed to a video of Kate Moss doin a Mermaid Dance. Donald had a camera in his eye and a screen on his back so that you could watch him watch Micky. Twisted!!! Needless to say those guys, the sculptors and the trippy lights made for one crazy recording session.

What’s been your worst recording experience?

O.K well the old Hamish Mackay gallery is in the middle of the Wellington CBD. Killer room sound, Big ceiling, Nice vibe, Lotsa stuff to look at, Neat! Lets do a record. We troop in with all sorts of wild microphones and crazy lookin gear. Set up. Drums in the big room. Amps out the back. Get it all hitting the recorder right. Double Neat!!! and were off. Heads down doin our thing, finding the zone. Inside its all magic, but out side the shit hits the fan. People calling from every damned inner city apartment in the area about the noise shakin up the floor boards. On the first night we got something like 150 noise complaints. When we finally left our make shift studio noise control were outside waiting for someone to come smash the door down! Not good. Fortunately, despite all odds against us our manager struck a deal with the council that let us make noise until a certain point. The complaints continued but as long as we stopped on time the council let us be. Unfortunately one naughty resident from the apartment block next door snuck inside before we could lock the door from the street. He waited for us to start playing, dialled direct line to a noise control officer and then snuck back down stairs to let the guy in. The party was over, BUT! not before we finished a killer take of Words Cant Save You while the guy stood there with his big noise control buddy and wailed. Man he was angry! He must have been getting it loud for a good few days cause I think he was crying. Take that inner-city development! Needless to say we ain’t his fav band no more.

Favorite radio show/station?
VBC for there sonic sincerity

The Future holds...?
us up in its big wizard hand. Where its gona take us we dont know, But! there will be dancing! Promise!!!…

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