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Monday 9th August, 2010 11:47AM

We catch up with Ajax who will be headlining NZ's second Modular club night, OK OK, in a couple of weeks.

Are you looking forward to coming back to New Zealand?

Really looking forward to it to be honest…last two times I have been there were so much fun. Particularly Rhythm and Vines. One of the best festivals I have ever been too. I only wish I got to hang around longer. Although when I came out last year my flight got stuck on the tarmac for five hours in Auckland and then didn’t take off, ending up having to stay the night in some dodgy airport hotel. Wasn’t my fondest memory! I will have to make amends!

After winning so many #1 DJ awards and getting praise from Justice and Digitalism what have you got your sights on next?

Its all about production at the moment, I have the club opening soon in Melbourne which will take up a bit of time so I want to get as many tracks out as possible over the next four weeks. Added to this is the building up the record label and the punching out of mixes. It s all been a long time coming… as I was meant to have the club opened by Jan and some tracks out last year but I got em er … a little side tracked to be honest!

You’ve mentioned a bit that you’ve got some new material on the way? When will be getting that? And any clues on what to expect?

Yeah its basically ghetto house. Lots of hip hop samples which I love, uptempo but not booty, it’s a little more musical and doesn’t just sit on a 808 or 909. Its still pretty party but not a huge stadium feel, the sound is more intimate, for clubs!

How’s your own label “Sweat It Out’ going?

Was a nightmare really. The company that owned us went big time belly up, owing millions, so we had to save our label from the liquidators who wanted to takes us too. I have the worst business brain on the earth so to face this huge pile of shit was daunting to say the least. In actuality it’s all worked out for the best, cause now it’s our baby.

What’s been the sweatiest party experience you’ve had?

Well I had to do a photo shoot in a gay sauna to promo the label launch, wasn’t much of party but it was very god damn sweaty.

Is there anything special behind you’re myspace slogan “Ajax Dance Legend”?

It’s a pisstake. The term “fuckin legend” is very popular in Australia, so it’s Australian vernacular mixed with that nineties house shtick when the word “DANCE” was attached to anything remotely associated with the new club sound.

What inspires you to party like you so famously do?

Oh I don’t need to be inspired to party that for sure!

Is it true that you’ve just bought a club?

Yes with the guys from Third Class/Honky Tonks. Still hasn’t opened yet, fuckin licensing laws in Melbourne make me want to pull my hair out. I never wanted to have anything to do with running a club, but who am I kidding. It’s an industry I know a lot about. I just don’t want to be one of those sleazy old dudes with a cigar and a fat rack habit forever hanging at the end of the bar. God knows Australia has enough!

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