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Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania

Monday 9th August, 2010 12:57PM

Atlanta based Dylan Eiland, aka Le Castle Vania, is one of the most famed electro producers. A sought-after remixer and performer, he's toured nonstop since the summer of 2006, playing with the likes of Justice, MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco, Erol Alkan, Busy P, Uffie & Feadz, Kavinsky, Soulwax, Surkin, Para One, The Presets, Steve Aoki, Boys Noize, Cut Copy and Crystal Castles.

We put a few questions to Dylan who will be in NZ this weekend to play at Cassette Number Nine.

So how did you get the name 'Le Castle Vania,' the only other reference we could find to it was a late 90's Nintendo game?

it was really just more of a joke that grew into the music project that it is now. basically me and few friends used to joke around about making a band named after the old video game castle vania. so when i did my first remix for this project (the snowden- black eyes remix) i needed a name to put on it so i just stuck le castle vania on it as a joke not really thinking much would come of it but then the remix kind of blew up and started getting played out a lot in the dj scene so i ended up just kind of stuck with the name haha but i'm happy with it i think it has served me well!

The Remix you did of Snowden's 'Black Eyes' was flogged pretty heavily on radio stations here and pretty extensively all over the world. When did you realise how big that tune was?

i think once i started getting hit up online by djs all over the world and started getting asked to go dj different clubs all over it kind of started to sink in that ppl were really into that song.

Serato is a New Zealand product and a pretty big platform here how did you get into using it?

well pretty much a large percentage of the bigger touring djs that i really looked up to and respected when i was starting to tour as Le Castle Vania were using it so i decided to give it a try and it just really grew on me since it has the most "true to vinyl" feel and it's easier to just carry a lap top rather than crates of records or cds.

What releases are you work on the moment and what can we expect from the production side of things in the future?

right now i am working on my first full length record with all new original material! i'm also working on an electro remix for the drum n bass artist Diesel Boy and will be starting a little boots remix real soon!

Are you looking forward to playing Australasia? What are you expecting?

yes i am extremely excited to be returning! last time i played in Australia i had a blast and i guess i'm just expecting more of the same good times!

How's your side project “Lies in Disguise” with Blake Miller coming along?

lies in disguise is really just a side thing that we do when we have free time. its not a big focus for either of us right now as we are both quite busy with other projects at the moment

What's been the most killer party you've ever played?

i would have to say the craziest event i have ever played was The Electric Daisy Festival in Los Angeles California because it is the largest electronic music festival in the US they had something like 73,000 ppl there in one day and they were all going wild and partying! there was just so much energy to feed off of!

So obliviously your party FUCK YESSS is still booming are you still running the party or have you flicked it off to someone else?

yes i still run the night with my partner and photographer ryan ( ) it's just a monthly event so its a lot easier for me to take on than say a weekly which i just wouldn't have enough time for at this point.

Who does all your artwork? I'm guessing it's the same team that does your merchandise as well?

Electrik Suicide does most of my graphics and merch but i have worked with a few other artist as well including, Akutou, DW Design, YZR Craftsman, and Ants.

Your Myspace loops you crowd surfing, can we expect crowd surfing on the 3rd of May?

i guess we'll see what happens i never really plan that sort of thing it all just depends on the energy of the crowd ;p

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