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Monday 9th August, 2010 11:55AM

Interview with Sarah Chadwick of Batrider.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you down here – how have you been, you’re in London now how is that going?

We have been really good. personally, London's been as hard as it is to move anywhere, and in the last few months has become home. musically, its not really a place that i find exciting or stimluating, but being so close to europe has made it easy for us to do three big tours in a year, so thats good. and we have been really set up here, good practise space, lots of friends etc. and it is always refreshing to discover that you can be productive and inspired creatively, even when your surroundings are less than ideal.

Can you give us a quick run down of what you’ve been up to since you left NZ?

So, we moved to melbourne from wellington in about 2003, and lived there for three and a half years. in that time we got a new bass player, sam featherstone, who had previously been managing us. from there we moved to england in late 2007. when we came back to the uk after touring australia/nz early 2008, we changed guitarists to Steph Crase, who had been playing in two australian bands, Birth Glow and No Through Road, and who is a great friend of ours. then at the end of 2008, our drummer left, so Steph moved her multi-talented ass onto drums. and thats where we are now!

i think the lineup changes have been good, even if they were upsetting at the time. this band has existed for coming up 8 years i think, and people and life change in that time. it did cross my mind to change the name, but we recently stayed with our first bass player Toby Morris in amsterdam, he was the one who chose the name in the first place, and after i got his blessing, i was happy to keep it, even though im the only member from the beginning! you cant put too much pressure on things to work out, on people to stay together, you just gotta hope for the best, and if it doesnt work out, keep doing what you enjoy doing. and thats where we are at now!

We’ve just received word about your new album, Why We Can’t Be Together, tell us about it …

That album was recorded in Adelaide, by Kynan Lawlor, (who plays in adelaide band Hit The Jackpot) in a big ballroom/band venue/artspace called Urtext. we had had so many amazing times in adelaide, had so much fun with the people we know there, played so many great shows, we have got so much respect for all the bands our friends are in from there, and really felt comortable, like a second home, so it made sense to record there. Kynan is amazing to work with, absolutely no stress, no ego, no bad attitude, just a great person. he knows whats hes doing and all the recording we have done with him has sounded great and has not been a headache to do. his recordings always have a nice warm feel, which i think really works for us. we recorded 28 songs in a day, and mixed and did vocals in under a week, if kynan wasnt so good to work with, we could never have done that. he also lets us sound how we want to sound, and gives advice if its needed but doesnt press his opinions on you.

in terms of the album themes is about a lot of things, and was inspired by a lot of things, but it all there in it. its really important to me. you can ask me more specific questions once you hear it if you like!

I read somewhere online that this record is quite different from your previous releases, is this so? What can people expect?

i think regardless of direction, this is a really good album, one that i would listen to. its definitely got the same vibe, but maybe acheived in a slightly different way? i dunno. most bands think their new albums are different dont they? otherwise what would be the point in putting one out? it might sound exactly the same to people who arent us :) but i think the main thing is, that no matter what it sounds like, if there IS a change, its been a natural progression, one thats happened as we've grown up, not one that we forced for any reason.

The second album can be a hard one, how has it been for you? Have you felt any pressure?

No, no pressure at all. We had this album written before 'Tara' came out, just like we've got the next one ready before this one comes out. we always write a lot of songs, keeps it less boring for us, and also makes it impossible to feel any pressure to write something for a specific purpose. a lot of things have been hard in this band, but writing songs has never been one of them.

How is touring going, seems you’ve been getting out and about a lot?

yeah, touring has been amazing!! its one of those things, the more you do it, the better you get at it, and the more fun it is. we have been to europe twice for six weeks at a time, and we have a two months tour all around europe starting in a week!! we also go to the united states for oct/nov this year, in the process of sorting all that out now. we cant wait!

we have played in london a lot too, but the 'scene' is pretty cheesy here i think. im sure there is good stuff to be found. just not really what im into.

What has been your favourite show since you’ve been in the UK?

uhh to play, my fav gig since being over here would prob be....fuck to be honest i cant answer that! people always ask that, and i really dont know! even your worst gig, i cant think of that either. its all a happy blur :) cause sometimes you play well, but the people are dicks, or sometimes the people are lovely, but the venue sux, and sometimes everything is perfect but you're getting your period, so you fuck it all up by being a grumpy bitch. they're all good, more and more so as it goes on.

BUT my fav gig to GO to, is easy. we flew to dublin mid last year to see Daniel Johnston play, with Scout Niblett, Mark Linkous, Jad Fair, Norman Blake, and James mc New. one of the best things i have ever been to, daniel johnston was as beautiful weird and moving as you would expect, but all of them together were so inspiring, you just got a sense that they were all The Real Deal, you know? just made you feel like music is amazing and it can affect people, not like when you watch the fucken kooks or something, and it makes you feel like killing yourself.

What bands have you encountered that you think we should know about?

Fair Maiden, Human Steak, The Native Cats, East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Of your upcoming shows, what are you looking forward to the most?

Going to Czech republic is always amazing, the guys we stay with are in that band Human Steak, and they speak such little english all you can really do is yell 'proust' and raise your glass, in place of talking, which makes for a good night. the language of 'cheers'. and we are heading up to Denmark for the first time, which should be great! I'm also too excited about USA too. Stef's old band Birth Glow are doing some shows with us in LA. thats prob what im most looking forward to!

Realistically, when do you think you’ll be back in NZ for a show?

we are planning to come back for a month or so after USA, so this coming summer!!

What have you been listening too lately?

elliott smith, 'please please me', belle and sebastian, butthole surfers, the cardigans

What is the most interesting thing musically you’ve learnt in the past year?

whammy bar! and more pedals :)

What’s your plan for the year?

i think i kinda answered this already. i wanna see my folks tho, havent seen them in ages. i wanna do more writing, short stories, i havent done much of that lately.

Any wisdom to impart to NZ bands looking to move overseas?

nah. haha, i know advice is lame, but i cant resist. dont get bummed when stuff is hard, or goes badly. dont talk yourself up. everyone knows that thats lame. dont do things for money, dont add to the shit in the world.