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Metronomy and the Teenagers

Metronomy and the Teenagers

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January 09 2009
Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland

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29th March 2010


Metronomy and the Teenagers
Kings Arms Jan 9.

Seems way to early to be visiting the KA so soon after new years but the first big double bill of the year was too much to resist.

From Paris comes The Teenagers and from London Metronomy

I walked in as The Teenagers were mid song, bouncing about on stage with a very worked up crowd.

The KA was smeltering. A 5 minute push to the bar and a steady cue to girls loo, this was shaping up to be a feverish gig (500+ from reports).

Although the two groups playing were genre separate the crowd seems to be in one mind about the night, as much as can be expected with the No Age/Jay Reatard double bill coming up.

Metronomy took to the stage in a very appropriate English manor. Polite, unassuming but quietly confident. And so they should be; each tune they’ve delivered over the last 12 months has been a success on the ears and the radio.

They performed with synchronised top half moves and controlled every second of the gig with the audience getting more and more in-sync with every song, culminating in Heartbreaker, and although both bands had their charms, it was Metronomy's night.

A 1 song encore followed with an instantly appealing new tune that was more synth metal, than light electro pop and if this is their new direction, then bring it on.

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