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Download: An Emerald City - Seizuretron

Download: An Emerald City - Seizuretron

Tuesday 24th November, 2009 12:00PM

An Emerald City are back in NZ after a summer in Berlin and we have procured an exclusive download of their new single "Seizuretron" specially for you!

The band hit the stage this weekend for their official welcome home show after a nationwide warm-up tour with The Veils.  Come welcome them home this Saturday 28th November at the Bacco Room (underneath Toto Restaurant on Nelson St) - tickets are on sale now here at Undertheradar.

We asked a few questions of Ed Giesen about their time away - here's what he had to say:

High point?

Popping out to pick up a bottle of wine on one of the last nights with Matty Dynamite (x-member of AEC), show him round a couple of bars from the street as we drink the wine, next thing you know we take over a small one and he has a flock of exotic beauties surrounding him as he leaps upon the bar for a little boogay. It was ridiculous and we laughed until we fell over.

Low point?

Getting a visa and buying a vehicle...German bureaucracy. I downloaded some bombmaking plans but sanity overtook me and the Auslandabehorde (office for international permits) still stands.

How were you received on the whole?

People really seemed to enjoy the music. Some even came to multiple gigs and/or bought a vinyl. These are two signs that I observe with hesitant pride and a skantily clad grin.

Tell us a bit about some of the bands you played with?

A New Zealand chap whose name I can't recall, played with us in Amsterdam. He was an opera singer/beatboxer. Like nothing else I've seen.
Carosel - A friend of mine and his bud with gats, many pedals, a record player and a loop box. Strange and wonderful ambient soundscapes. Breath gasping brain tingling goodness.
Beirut was great fun. They had had a few however.
Devotchka were very entertaining. That was in a sex club with the most hideous alien porn painted all over the walls. (I cannot comment on whether there is good alien porn)

Any tips for bands heading over to Europe?

Make a plan, promote your shows, build a fan base, make sure you devour the world without cutlery, and have the time of your life. I believe you need to walk the knife edge of being sharp as hell to try and get things rolling sweetly, and being as loose as 3 bits of lego in a large sack to keep your own self inspired and loving the adventure, otherwise you defy the whole point of why you're there right?

What’s next?

We have planned alot of nude swimming together, and are planning to record our next album in a satellite station orbiting the Earth. One of the members has a range of high class designer socks coming out this summer, and personally I am working on my new solo project entitled, "Santa in bath with Kazoo". It's just at the conceptual stage at the moment but I think it really has legs. Looking for a Kazoo teacher currently.

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