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2nd Big Day Out Announcement

2nd Big Day Out Announcement

Wednesday 8th November, 2006 12:00PM

2007 Second announcement is in. Looking forward to seeing some of these new additions:
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Jakob, The Presets, Davis Kilgour, Shaky Hands, Dimmer

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Since announcing the first round of BIG DAY OUT artists for the 2007 series, tickets have been snapped up at record speed. If you have been waiting around till the second announcement before you purchase tickets, wait no longer! Below you’ll find the next round of International acts and Antipodean touring artists who will be rocking the stage at each BIG DAY OUT.

THE STREETS (UK), led by people’s poet Mike Skinner, will be telling it like it is at BIG DAY OUT 2007. Armed with his third album, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living, master hip hop storyteller Skinner will be spinning true stories of success and excess, as only he can. Brilliant, influential, and back for their second BIG DAY OUT, THE STREETS are Britain’s geezer gift to the world.

You want attitude? BIG DAY OUT 2007 will be dripping with the stuff, as KASABIAN (UK) strut, swig, and swagger their way across the nation in what’s going to be one hell of a sweaty summer. Two albums in, the Leicester rock renegades already possess more anthems than a band rightly should: “Reason is Treason”, “Club Foot”, “Shoot the Runner”, “LSF”, “Empire”, “Processed Beats”. A decadent, explosive presence, KASABIAN are heading Down Under to expand their Empire. BIG DAY OUT is ready to be conquered.

Few musical acts cover the diverse territory of BIG DAY OUT’s old mates, THE CRYSTAL METHOD (USA). Back and spinning into DJ mode for summer, Las Vegas’ finest, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, will put the dance, the breaks, the rock, the rave, the dub, the house, the squelch, the boom and the beats into your BIG DAY OUT 2007. Renowned for their hits “Busy Child”, “Keep Hope Alive” and “Born Too Slow”, THE CRYSTAL METHOD are also mixing maestros - check their Community Service volumes for proof. Get ready to get busy.

BIG DAY OUT 2007 is set to deliver JUSTICE (FRANCE) for all. That’s JUSTICE, French style, the duo made up Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, known for causing riots on the dance floor with their neo techno, post-mash-up, electrifying electro, disco sounds. Whether dishing out their own anthems Never Be Alone (vs Simian) and Waters of Nazareth, or spinning discs from their eclectic, brutally funky to lightly pop collection, the JUSTICE DJ experience is unlike all others. This year, the sound of summer comes with a twist - your body twisting to the sound of JUSTICE at BIG DAY OUT 2007.

BIG DAY OUT has seen the future of metal - and it goes by the name of TRIVIUM (USA). Coming our way to dazzle the unsuspecting with an explosion of neck-snapping riffs, grandiose scream-along choruses and outstanding musicianship, TRIVIUM will leave no stone unturned in their quest for world domination. A No.14 Australian debut for their new album, The Crusade, was a good start. Next stop for Florida’s finest: blowing the roof off BIG DAY OUT 2007.

A little hush, please, as BIG DAY OUT 2007 welcomes a true poet laureate, The Bard of Salford, JOHN COOPER CLARKE (UK). Inspired by Kerouac and Ginsberg, peer to punk’s legends, a forebear of Billy Bragg and The Streets. From the clubs of Manchester to the epicentre of punk, he supported The Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello and The Fall. No ordinary poet, JOHN COOPER CLARKE speaks with the rhythms of rock‘n’roll, and will bring summer to a standstill with his confrontational, furiously funny and jaw-droppingly real performances.

From New York to Tokyo to BIG DAY OUT 2007, everyone’s beating the same drum: AFRA & THE INCREDIBLE BEATBOX BAND (JAPAN) will blow you away. And we quite possibly mean that literally. Three men, three mics, no decks, and a fat-ass, old school block party vibe. How do Afra, Kei and K-Moon do it? Be there to find out when Japan’s good-time beatboxing contribution to the international hip hop world, AFRA & THE INCREDIBLE BEATBOX BAND lay out the answers.

There’s a breath of fresh air wafting over BIG DAY OUT 2007, and it goes by the name of LILY ALLEN (UK). The most exciting thing to happen to pop music in ages, LILY ALLEN’s debut album Alright, Still is chock full of sass, snarl and spite. Boasting the UK No.1 single “Smile”, the 21-year-old Londoner’s genre-busting debut will without doubt be the soundtrack to summer. LILY ALLEN has a lot to say - this summer, BIG DAY OUT will be listening.

Chicago’s best kept secret, LUPE FIASCO (USA) has officially arrived on the hip hop scene. Hyped by the best -- Kanye, Pharrell, Jay-Z -- loved by the rest, LUPE has dropped a bomb with his debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, a goldmine of thought-provoking and playful lyricism coupled with sure-fire beats. He’ll tell you he’s the future. If you’re down with his worldview, get down with LUPE FIASCO at BIG DAY OUT.

Think you know what you’re in for when DIPLO (USA) takes the stage? You haven’t got a clue. And that’s just the way you like it! Hip hop, grime, Miami bass, baile funk, 80s pop, electro, rock_ He’s cutting it up and mixing it in ways you wouldn’t expect. From his seminal Hollertronix parties in Philadelphia and his genre-busting work with M.I.A in London, to his musical archeology in Brazil and his own album Florida, DIPLO is an artist of the world. His next adventure brings him Down Under, to BIG DAY OUT 2007.

If we all had a dollar each time a JOHN BUTLER TRIO song got stuck in our heads, I’m sure we’d all be rich, filthy rich! This year the JBT have spent a large chunk of time getting their classic rootsy, bluesy rock songs stuck in the heads of new fans in Europe, USA and Japan and at festivals all around the world. However, storming the international scene isn’t enough for these troubadours; they’ve also been back in the studio working on their highly anticipated fifth album that will be released in early 2007. The first track "Funky Tonight" reminds us of John Butler’s mega talent as a masterful multi-instrumentalist and spills a taste of disco/funk, ska and bluegrass that will bring celebrations to a new height at the BIG DAY OUT!

Take a flight to Hollywood with LITTLE BIRDY at the BIG DAY OUT! As if you didn’t know already, LITTLE BIRDY were propelled from the musical hotbed of Perth on to the Australian alt-rock stage with their acclaimed 2004 debut Big Big Love. 2006 sees LB and their scorching lead singer Katy Steele return to release their sultry sophomore, blues-tinged rock‘n’roll LP Hollywood. An album of firecracker riffs and off-kilter, edgy synths; of gleeful dance rock grunt, slow-building arrangements and moody lyrical introspection, Hollywood takes you to a place where sassy meets psychedelic and too much is not enough.

Princes of dirty electro-boogie THE PRESETS will serve up one helluva sweaty live show at the BIG DAY OUT this summer. Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes were two squares who met at college and realised they shared a mutual untamed passion for music. From beer swilling rock and introspective Indie pop to high-camp Euro disco THE PRESETS dug it all and set about creating their own skewed, singular vision of scary, streamlined pop. They first hit it with the Blow UP EP in 2003, a heart of darkness in dance rock, and followed up with the pristine melancholy of 2004’s Girl and the Sea EP. And then finally in 2005 they dropped their Beams LP to much critical acclaim. Back from shakin’ their groove thang all over the world, get set for THE PRESETS at the BDO!

New Zealand’s premier hard rock outfit, West Auckland’s BLINDSPOTT have made a triumphant return in 2006 with their second album, End the Silence. It debuted Number 1, making them the first NZ band to have two number 1 album debuts. They’ve toured Australia, Japan and South East Asia. Emotionally intense metal carnage from one of NZ’s most popular bands.

"Sounding kinda like if The Buzzcocks and Gang of Four got all romantic and then had a child with Attention Deficit Disorder who couldn't stop jumping off things and hanging from the rafters. SHAKY HANDS will make your handheld disco meter explode." - A Low Hum Signed to Melbourne’ Speak’n’Spell Records, on tour with everyone from You Am I to Shihad, these kids are riding the new wave bus to hitsville.

With their third album just released, JAKOB’S densely hypnotic space rock continues to gather fans and acclaim all over. The young trio explore dynamic, swelling soundscapes in the tradition of NZ acts like Bailterspace and HDU. Truly one of the most blissed-out to drift off sonic experiences around, their songs are like travelling from the Sahara to Iceland with the time set to a permanent sunset.

Pop-punk hitmakers extraordinaire, GOODNIGHT NURSE have bopped their way round the high schools of Australasia and clocked up an incredible 900k plus plays on myspace… it helps to have recorded a charmingly bonkers version of the Kelis ”Milkshake” song for a b-side but there is also no hiding from the trio’s hi-energy talents on offer throughout their mega-selling “Always and Never” album.

Moving on from their early days as Desecrator, SINATE disbanded as a couple of their members were drafted into the almighty 8 Foot Sativa but Sinate were reforged last year to come back heavier and harder than ever. If you like your Metal with a strong stench of Death about it and delivered by seriously bearded men in black, then you’re in the right place. These metallers have a secret place on their website called “Ripping the wings off angels” which about sums them up.

Shayne Carter’s 20 year music career is a pathway trod with integrity and no turning back. From his teen years in Dunedin, New Zealand, he spent a decade as a cornerstone of the legendary Flying Nun label – through the tragedy of the wonderful Double Happys, where he lost his closest friend and musical mate, to Straitjacket Fits, the label’s brightest hopes of early 80s. When he quit SJFs to reinvent his music under the DIMMER moniker, he set out in a new direction at every album. Now three records in, with the hugely acclaimed “There My Dear” and a new live band capable of ferocious space-rockery as well as tasteful spaced-out bliss, Shayne continues to live up to his reputation as the country’s greatest natural rock star.

From his days in the seminal Flying Nun trio The Clean through a string of wonderful solo albums, DAVID KILGOUR’S music has epitomized effortless cool with a singular guitar talent and a knack for sublimely hazy melody. It was also quite possibly the making of that dreaded phrase “the Dunedin sound” and there have been few more influential musicians in this country than David. His latest recordings have seen him based in Nashville where the influence of his musical buddies Lambchop can be heard in the sweet grooves of his last couple of albums. When this guy is not surfing, he is writing great music, but the only thing that concerns us is whether he ever takes off those sunglasses.

Dawn Raid’s heavyweight hip-hop crew DECEPTIKONZ, New Zealand’s #1 Hip Hop group knows exactly what it takes to reign at the top of their game. Having collectively sold over 125, 000 albums & singles with 5 gold & 2 platinum records under their belt, including a GOLD record in Australia, Deceptikonz are that rare group that stands out above the rest. Formed in 1996 on the notorious streets of South Auckland, the explosive group consisting of Savage, Mareko, Alphrisk and Devolo have made a colossal return with their sophomore album “HEAVY ROTATION”. After spending the best part of the last two years on the road supporting the huge success of Deceptikonz member Savage’s album “Moonshine” in both New Zealand and Australia, Deceptikonz are ready to unleash that uncut raw music that only the energy of all 4 group members can bring to the table. Heavy Rotation is the group’s new album, out this month.

With their giant mohawks and tattooed sleeves, these scrappy young punks might look every bit like Rancid’s little brothers and sound not far from what you’d expect, but scrappy street punk is one of our favourite genres ever so THE RABBLE are welcome to crash any party we put on. The North Shore Auckland outfit are building a huge live following amongst the kids

Straight outta Scribe and P Money’s Dirty Records stable comes PNC, the latest and most exciting young MC talent in New Zealand. After coming up in the Breaking Wreckwords crew and then appearing on P Money’s 3-2-1 then “Stop the Music” alongside Scribe, PNC’s Rookie Card album has just dropped in NZ and jaws are dropping at this kid’s flow.

Stay tuned for the third and final line up announcement coming soon.

The Streets, Kasabian, Crystal Method DJs, Justice, Trivium, John Cooper Clarke, Afra & The Incredible Beatbox Band, Lily Allen, Lupe Fiasco, Diplo, John Butler Trio, Little Birdy, The Presets, Blindspott, Shaky Hands, Dimmer, The Rabble, Jakob, Deceptikonz, David Kilgour, Goodnight Nurse, Sinate, PNC, join Tool, Muse, Violent Femmes, The Killers, Peaches, My Chemical Romance, Spank Rock, Jet, Eskimo Joe, Scribe, Evermore, Shapeshifter, The Mint Chicks, The Veils, Minuit, The Tutts, Open Souls

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