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Download: With Love From: Brooklyn

Download: With Love From: Brooklyn

Monday 13th December, 2010 3:28PM

Just in time for the summer break we have the third compilation in our With Love From series where we ask kiwi musicians living abroad to put together a compilation of tracks from artists they’ve discovered in their neighbourhood/city.

This time we have been lucky enough to get one from Fiona Campbell who has been based in Brooklyn NY for the past five years. The former drummer of the Coolies has had a big year, she has been playing drums for the Vivian Girls on their summer tours and has been gaining ground with her own band Coasting who will be touring our fair nation over the summer - more details on that soon!

Download or stream the compilation below but first, here is an introduction to each artist/track from Fei....

“Most of these are home/basement/practice space recordings to tape or garage band, so as f-ed as the quality is they are gems of songs, straight from the source….”

The Babies - "Meet Me In The City"
Made up of Cassie from Vivian Girls, Kevin from Woods, Nate from Stupid Party and Justin from Bossy they are the funest band in town right now. I see them written up as "vintage" rock a lot, I guess that just means good shit.

Dutch Treat – "Australia"
The closest thing you are gonna get to Fleetwood Mac at a punk show, classic stuff you just want to sing along too. They just started playing together at the beginning of the year, Stephanie’s got such a powerful voice and Jed from My Teenage Stride is one of my favourite drummers in NY, he’s a trip to watch play, always holding it down while he manages to smoke cigarette after cigarette whilst drumming.

Julianna Barwick - "Untitled 5"
Blows my mind, she writes 2min songs where she builds cathedrals out her vocals alone, that’s her whole set up. Seeing her play live is a rare treat and always leaves you with goosebumps.

Coasting – "Snoozefest"
We recorded this in the basement of Madison’s house Pizza Forest, its coming out on a super limited split on French label Atelier Ciseaux with Philly band Reading Rainbow in a few weeks.

Cybelle Blood - "Cybelle Blood Likes This"
5 This is what happens to Coasting when you add six 40's and get Patty to sing. This is also recorded in Pizza Forest basement straight to garage band with just the computer mic picking it up, it’s supposed to sound that way you see.

Air Waves – "Knockout"
I love Air Waves' well planned driving melodies. I think that’s Jennifer from Yellow Fever, Nicole’s partner, singing the response too, if this wasn’t just a Brooklyn comp Yellow Fever would be all over this too, love them.

Widowspeak - "Brain Freeze"
New kids on the block, just hooked up with Captured Tracks so should have a single out any day now, cant wait.

The Good Good - "We Go"
Along with Meneguar and Blood On The Wall, The Good Good were among my favourite bands to see live in Brooklyn when I first moved here 5years ago and shouldn’t be forgotten. They were always so explosive and were always experimenting with weird instruments, mega phones, and pedaling up the flute to make it sound like a distorted guitar. They are loved and missed.


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